Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stephen Anderson

Art destroyed in the World Trade Center.
While insignificant compared to the loss of human life, a painted wood relief by Nevelson hung in the mezzanine of 1 World Trade Center, a Miró tapestry displayed in the mezzanine of 2 World Trade Center, and a bright red 25-foot Calder sculpture and a painting by Lichtenstein in 7 World Trade Center were destroyed by the terrorist attack.

Stephen Anderson.
Stephen Anderson is the October 2001 Artist of the Month. Stephen was born in 1967 in San Pedro, California. He received a Bachelors of Fine Art degree from California State University Long Beach.

His series: Burned Fingers series of 1,000 examines the gestures and positions of hands and the varied meanings that occur; from love to anger to alienation to enlightenment. The series is done with a blowtorch and oil paint and mixed media on wood.

Stephen has exhibited across the United States and in Paris.

New Artists.
The following artists have been added to the database since the last newsletter. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artists name. To see the 50 most recent artists go to

1. Cate Murray. Abstract watercolors
2. Eugenio Cruz. Realistic oil landscapes from Chile.
3. Margriet Santos. Figurative acrylics.
4. Juan Norero. Abstract watercolors from Chile.
5. James Benson. Surrealistic cityscapes from the U.K.
6. Veenam Sharma. Realistic oils from India.
7. Nora Quinn. Fantasy illustrations.
8. Moira Hill. Coloured pencil portraits.
9. Melissa Gofton. The urban landscape of Los Angeles.
10. Within the Arc. Symbolic watercolor from the U.K.
11. Roger Essig. Mixed Media from Australia.
12. Michael Vaughn. Expressionistic performance art.
13. Graham Cheater. Impressionistic lights and colors.
14. Michele Dina Lee. Expressionistic portraits.
15. Barton Atz. Inner vission potery and painting.
16. Tim Bramlette. Realistic Photography.
17. Vladislav Peterka. Photo-realistic oils from Yugoslavia.
18. Kurt Van Wagner. Computer generations.
19. Ekwelle Sakang. Symbolic watercolors.
20. Doris Arnaud. Abstract light and color.
21. La Rivas. Impressionistic landscapes from Brazil.
22. Peter Rosson. Spiritual mixed media from Australia.
23. Mito Elias. Art from Cabo Verde.
24. Guadalupe Laiz. Photography from Argentina.
25. Napoleon Mordas. Bronze sculpture.
26. Karin Kuhlmann. Surrealistic German landscape.
27. Juergen R. Schreiter. Bodypainting from Germany.
28. Stuart Ng. Anime digital art.
29. David J Simpson. Natural texture sculpture.
30. Emmett Ardie-Williams. Cubistic oils.
31. Rachel McCarron. Animation from England.
32. Sarah Pope. Surrealistic landscapes.
33. Alex Aleixo. Digital art. Fantasy and people.

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