Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lise Boucher

Happy New Year.
Lise Boucher is the January 2010 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Lise is a self-taught digital artist from Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. Lise paints and assists with the creation of theatrical displays. Lise also enjoys creating posters and pamphlets.

New Contemporary Artists and Galleries
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Nadezhda Strelkina. Nadezhda's works are dreamlike images of angelic women that evoke emotion and spiritual feelings in the viewer. She paints in a most subtle manner and is especially known for her soft, flawless faces, delicate postures, and masterful translucent technique that captures feminine beauty.
2. A J Joji Alphonse. Born in a remote village in Kerala, a small state of India, Joji is a self taught still photographer of human life and nature.
3. Mehtab Ali. Mehtab specializes in portrait, still life, landscape and cultural paintings. He has proven himself in miniatures, portraits and calligraphy, using oil, pen and ink, pastels and water colors. His paintings depicting women in eastern dresses and in typical moods have attracted great attention.
4. Alessandro Iacopelli. Metal insects from Italy. Alessandro has perfected the technical assembly of metals.
5. Ratka Lugumerski. Ratka explores the conscious perception of environmental change. He finds symbols, such as pictures from magazines that belong to the sphere of marketing to compose intuitive concepts with completely new and often ironic meanings. He destroys and rearranges.
6. Massimo Romagnoli. Massimo is a painter and graphic designer from Italy. He creates black and white graphics, drip paintings, digital art and vector illustrations.
7. William Howard. William draws realistic works in charcoal and colored pencil. He pays such attention to detail that at first glance his drawings look like photographs. His subjects range from nautical themes, with a focus on lighthouses, to historical architecture and interiors.

Barbara Rose Guada, Philippe Benichou, Judy Puckett, Kevin Barr and Lisa Putman have added new artwork to their Digital Consciousness galleries Guy Jean Genevier has added work at

Southern California Art Events
In January 2010 please visit these art walks and gallery nights

* Dec 5-Jan 15, 2010 Let There Be Light!, Long Beach
* Jan 2, 2010 Santa Ana Artwalk
* Jan 7, 2010 Santa Barbara Art Walk
* Jan 7, 2010 Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk
* Jan 7, 2010 1st Thursday Downtown San Pedro
* Jan 7, 2010 El Paseo Artwalk (Palm Desert)
* Jan 7, 2010 Riverside Arts Walk
* Jan 9, 2010 Pomona 2nd Saturday Art Walk
* Jan 9, 2010 NELAart - Northeast L.A. Gallery Night
* Jan 9, 2010 Long Beach Art Walk
* Jan 14, 2010 Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk
* Jan 16, 2010 Miracle Mile Art Walk
* Jan 16, 2010 Santiago Art District Art Walk (Santa Ana)
* Jan 30, 2010 Pomona Last Saturday Art Walk

For details, follow the links at: