Monday, January 9, 2012

Ricky Huloe is the 2012 Digital Color Artist

Happy New Year 2012.

Ricky Huloe.
Ricky Huloe is the 2012 Digital Color Artist. Ricky creates public spiritual conscience art. Group consciousness and connectivity to all living beings resonates from his art. His works are influenced by unity, divinity and the ancient Mayans. His part in our galactic collective makes us one. We are one community. We are all superbeings.

Ricky paints large pieces with acrylics on wood, metal, cement, canvas and the unknown ether. His work is everywhere, in shows, in remote spots and in cities. His message is universal: give love deep into the roots of your soul.

New Artists
Welcome to these artists, new to Digital Consciousness:
  1. Bronwyn Woodley Graham. An eternal fascination with light: the effects with various pigments, the source and color of the light, and the way in which it either falls on or emanates from various subjects.
  2. Mary Agarwal. A perspective artist with a background in architecture and fine arts.
  3. Ali Pournoroozy, from Sweden. Art characterized by a passion for nature and birds.
  4. Jaison Cianelli. Abstract landscape paintings expressing his joy of life with others.
  5. Todd Fox. Acrylic surrealistics.
  6. Edward B. Gordon. Painting daily and publishing online. More than 1600 paintings so far.
  7. Tom De Boeck, from Belgium. Abstract oils.
  8. Rajiv Arts, from India. Photo-realistic digital people, portraits and characters.
  9. Eric Bossik. Portraits of adults, children and pets.
  10. Rachael Bennett. Luminal spaces within landscapes; descriptive of form, light and place in an atmospheric way.
  11. Snake Jagger. Whimsical surrealism. Compositional inspiration from Rene Magritte convinces us to accept the entire image, regardless of its disparities, as a wholly realistic depiction.
  12. Sandro Taliani, from Italy. Figurative conceptual acrylics.
  13. Dhiir Kumar, from India. Anchor, standup comedian and mimicry artist known as the copycat of Imran Hashm.
  14. Rudolf Wiedemann. Impressionistic oil landscapes.
  15. Christopher Stone, from Spain. One of the world's foremost stone carvers in the Direct style, an approach to making carved sculpture introduced by Brancusi in 1906.
  16. Karl Joseph Kenda (1923 - 1980.) During the sixties and seventies, Karl had his own gallery in Miami. Psychedelic, spiritual or surrealistic paintings, all of them colorful, unique and thought-provoking. They are on masonite and canvas. He applied acrylics with a brush and palette knife. His paintings reflect world perils of earlier times yet still resonate today.
  17. David Holzman. Visionary portraits. His work has appeared in Graphis Magazine and his Love poster in the Museum of Modern Art, NYC (MOMA) in 1960.
  18. Deborah Crofts. Abstract figurative paintings inspired by a mixture of environmental concerns.
  19. Bo Bakker, from the Netherlands. Monumental Art, record sleeves, illustrations for various magazines and a series of life sized portraits of women.
  20. Khachik Hovhannissyan, from Armenia. Abstract oils.
  21. Giovanni Greco, from Italy. Theatrical and metaphysical. Fundamental problems which do not leave our mind or stage.
  22. Emmanuele Duclot-Haillot, from France. Intimate drawings.
  23. Sue Skitt. Mixed media fine art photography. The power of object to bear witness to intangible ideas and emotional truths.
  24. Antonio Nodar. Post Cards from Year 2222, a photographic sci-fi story. The heating of the planet, sand storms, the extreme sunlight filtered through the frozen clouds, and the change in the magnetic fields, will transform the colors and perception of things around us.
  25. Erella Teitler. Collage, mixed media, altered books and monoprints.
  26. Andrea Raft. Earthen hues, textures and overlapping layers with a quiet, serene meditative quality.
  27. Mel Alexenberg. The interface between art, science and culture. Space-time systems and electronic technologies.
  28. Bart Soutendijk. Murals for public, commercial, and residential locations made out of wire.
  29. Kendra Dixson, from Canada. Watercolors.
  30. Tony Fredriksson. Driftwood sculptures.
  31. Nabeel Muaddi. Deconstruction of the boundaries and injustices that prevail in culture and society.
  32. Eimear Brennan, from Ireland. Drawing.
  33. Anima Somnia, from Spain. Gothic photography, textures and digital painting.
  34. K. Dawne Holmes. Custom motorcycle airbrush, photorealistic painting and metal fabrication.
  35. Greta Perez. Abstract Cuban figures.