Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Maggie Connell is the 2013 Digital Color Artist.

Maggie Connell
Maggie Connell is the 2013 Digital Color Artist.

Maggie has now been painting seriously for a decade and a half. Her six week exhibition, Living with Wolves, is on display at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery in New South Wales. The purpose of that exhibition is to create works about a fun and colorful life with dogs.

Over time, she has had varying styles. Her moving oil paintings of owls, robins, magpies and other birds are from the world and also after photos of Steve Parish and Dave Watts. Some of her earlier paintings are of happy colorful naive style people. She has also painted portraits, still life and scenery and has exhibited drawings on paper and oils on metal.

Recently, under the influence of Mark Tobey's densely structured compositions, she uses writing and symbols as a basis for watercolor paintings. She has a gallery of still life metaphors including those titled: The Fall From Grace, An Enduring Relationship, Gossip, An Integrated Group and The Third Cup of Wine. The third cup of wine drank the man.

She has formally studied drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture. She attended Tafe in Alice Springs and for a term, at Broken Hill and created art using these media at that time.

Exhibit 2013
Exhibit 2013 is an exhibit of paintings which have passed the test of time.
They bring even more to the year 2013 than they did to the years in which they were painted.
Included are many paintings by Maggie and by Gilbert Abric.

Gilbert paints watercolors in a realistic style.His perception of searching light effects is revealed through renditions of transparent objects,  reflections and snow. Other subjects that bring this out are marine and interior settings, fabric and greenhouses. And also, Lyon landscapes, monuments, people, the night, flowers and fruits. Looking at his watercolors creates a vibration in the mind.

Excellent portfolios from artists from, the Denmark, Canada, South Africa, the U.S., Portugal Turkey and Syria are shown as well.

New Artists
Welcome to these artists, new to Digital Consciousness:
  1. Harriet Jameson Pellizzari, watercolors of old buildings of District Six and woman, and large acrylics on canvas, from South Africa.
  2. Mary Michela, fine artist and arts educator in Ventura, California for over 50 years. Known for her bold yet delicate paintings and serigraphs.
  3. John Charles Beckett,  mixed media Medieval fantasy, from the UK.
  4. Maris Mauro, one of the most original Florentine painters working today.
  5. Luciano Paesani, acrylic abstracts of people, portraits and characters. Art studies in Brazil.
  6. Gary Rohrabaugh, exploring illusions. The use of optical illusions in art.
  7. Ajit Soni, realistic oils from India.
  8. Glenn Davis Doctor G, photography.
  9. Alessandro Nicolini, acrylic visionary modern art from Tuscany.
  10. Rey Marz, surrealistic landscape and nature drawings.
  11. Akelo - Andrea Cagnetti, sculpture, Jewelry. In a object can be enclosed all the infinite beauty of the cosmos.
  12. Josh Goehring, impressionistic oil cityscapes.
  13. Nikolai Bartossik, acrylic expressionistic, Informal-Nudes.
  14. Anna Zygmunt Pietrek, expressionistic, contemporary, abstract oils from Poland.
  15. Immo Jalass, visionary digital art cityscapes from the Netherlands.
  16. Kim Olson, travel images of landscapes, cityscapes and nature.
  17. Adela Arrufat, realistic oil still life, from Spain. 
  18. Keren SouzaKohn, expressionistic drawings and oils of people and still life, from Israel.
  19. Ian Ely, landscapes and nature  photography.
  20. Zvonimir Vladanovic, surrealistic digital art from Italy.

  21. Chris Stefanis,  realistic acrylic landscapes from Australia.
  22. Aleksey Motorin (1924 - 2004), realistic oil landscapes from Russia.
  23. Jalai Lama, visionary digital art.
  24. Evgeniy Shibanov, drawings from Russia.
  25. Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair, encaustic light and color abstracts.
  26. Victoria Page Miller, realistic wildlife, florals and portraits done in watermedia.
  27. Jonathan Knight, bronze animal sculptures.
  28. Sergey Kryshtapovich, mural painting from Belarus.
  29. Showey Howey, environmentalist and fiber artist.
  30. Sylvia Herrington, abstract light and color watercolors.
  31. Costea Claudia, visionary oil portraits from Romania.
  32. Ac Satya Shah, animated characters from India.
  33. Eva Fidjeland, expressionistic animals and wildlife from Sweden.
  34. Sergio Milani, art toy collectibles from Italy.
  35. Antoni L Swiatecki, realistic acrylic landscapes from Canada.
  36. David Quinn, abstract cityscapes from Ireland.
  37. Rosa Sauer, photography. Capturing people and their memories at their happiest moments.
  38. Michelle LeLeux, spiritual acrylics with a colorful Southwestern feel.
  39. Joan Domenech, photography. Gyclee technique and pigmented inks.
  40. Cecilia Rosslee, impressionistic  interiors and still life.

  41. Sandro Bisonni, a dramatic, natural, magical world with intense, fiery brushstrokes.
  42. Dusan Jovanovic, surrealistic landscapes and nature from Italy.
  43. Liviu Bora, fantasy sculpture from Romania.
  44. Anupam Pal, mixed media abstracts from India.
  45. Nazish Chunara, patterns, objects and still life.  Living life on the edge of a swirl. The science of curved angles.
  46. Patrick Burke,  the collective unconscious.
  47. Michael O'Gorman, complex, surreal oil paintings.
  48. Vincent Rijs, photography from the Netherlands.
  49. Pietro Uguagliati, impressionistic oil landscapes.
  50. Maurizio Isernia, photographer -- light , the messenger of the visible, from Italy.
  51. Charline Lancel, digital art and geometric shapes from Belgium.
Our programs have been updated for the first time in several years.
The updates include thumbnail displays in the gallery editor and the ability for all the artists to upload short Audio Visual files.

Happy New Year 2014