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Maggie Connell is the 2013 Digital Color Artist.

Maggie Connell
Maggie Connell is the 2013 Digital Color Artist.

Maggie has now been painting seriously for a decade and a half. Her six week exhibition, Living with Wolves, is on display at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery in New South Wales. The purpose of that exhibition is to create works about a fun and colorful life with dogs.

Over time, she has had varying styles. Her moving oil paintings of owls, robins, magpies and other birds are from the world and also after photos of Steve Parish and Dave Watts. Some of her earlier paintings are of happy colorful naive style people. She has also painted portraits, still life and scenery and has exhibited drawings on paper and oils on metal.

Recently, under the influence of Mark Tobey's densely structured compositions, she uses writing and symbols as a basis for watercolor paintings. She has a gallery of still life metaphors including those titled: The Fall From Grace, An Enduring Relationship, Gossip, An Integrated Group and The Third Cup of Wine. The third cup of wine drank the man.

She has formally studied drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture. She attended Tafe in Alice Springs and for a term, at Broken Hill and created art using these media at that time.

Exhibit 2013
Exhibit 2013 is an exhibit of paintings which have passed the test of time.
They bring even more to the year 2013 than they did to the years in which they were painted.
Included are many paintings by Maggie and by Gilbert Abric.

Gilbert paints watercolors in a realistic style.His perception of searching light effects is revealed through renditions of transparent objects,  reflections and snow. Other subjects that bring this out are marine and interior settings, fabric and greenhouses. And also, Lyon landscapes, monuments, people, the night, flowers and fruits. Looking at his watercolors creates a vibration in the mind.

Excellent portfolios from artists from, the Denmark, Canada, South Africa, the U.S., Portugal Turkey and Syria are shown as well.

New Artists
Welcome to these artists, new to Digital Consciousness:
  1. Harriet Jameson Pellizzari, watercolors of old buildings of District Six and woman, and large acrylics on canvas, from South Africa.
  2. Mary Michela, fine artist and arts educator in Ventura, California for over 50 years. Known for her bold yet delicate paintings and serigraphs.
  3. John Charles Beckett,  mixed media Medieval fantasy, from the UK.
  4. Maris Mauro, one of the most original Florentine painters working today.
  5. Luciano Paesani, acrylic abstracts of people, portraits and characters. Art studies in Brazil.
  6. Gary Rohrabaugh, exploring illusions. The use of optical illusions in art.
  7. Ajit Soni, realistic oils from India.
  8. Glenn Davis Doctor G, photography.
  9. Alessandro Nicolini, acrylic visionary modern art from Tuscany.
  10. Rey Marz, surrealistic landscape and nature drawings.
  11. Akelo - Andrea Cagnetti, sculpture, Jewelry. In a object can be enclosed all the infinite beauty of the cosmos.
  12. Josh Goehring, impressionistic oil cityscapes.
  13. Nikolai Bartossik, acrylic expressionistic, Informal-Nudes.
  14. Anna Zygmunt Pietrek, expressionistic, contemporary, abstract oils from Poland.
  15. Immo Jalass, visionary digital art cityscapes from the Netherlands.
  16. Kim Olson, travel images of landscapes, cityscapes and nature.
  17. Adela Arrufat, realistic oil still life, from Spain. 
  18. Keren SouzaKohn, expressionistic drawings and oils of people and still life, from Israel.
  19. Ian Ely, landscapes and nature  photography.
  20. Zvonimir Vladanovic, surrealistic digital art from Italy.

  21. Chris Stefanis,  realistic acrylic landscapes from Australia.
  22. Aleksey Motorin (1924 - 2004), realistic oil landscapes from Russia.
  23. Jalai Lama, visionary digital art.
  24. Evgeniy Shibanov, drawings from Russia.
  25. Cynnocence Kaufman-Sinclair, encaustic light and color abstracts.
  26. Victoria Page Miller, realistic wildlife, florals and portraits done in watermedia.
  27. Jonathan Knight, bronze animal sculptures.
  28. Sergey Kryshtapovich, mural painting from Belarus.
  29. Showey Howey, environmentalist and fiber artist.
  30. Sylvia Herrington, abstract light and color watercolors.
  31. Costea Claudia, visionary oil portraits from Romania.
  32. Ac Satya Shah, animated characters from India.
  33. Eva Fidjeland, expressionistic animals and wildlife from Sweden.
  34. Sergio Milani, art toy collectibles from Italy.
  35. Antoni L Swiatecki, realistic acrylic landscapes from Canada.
  36. David Quinn, abstract cityscapes from Ireland.
  37. Rosa Sauer, photography. Capturing people and their memories at their happiest moments.
  38. Michelle LeLeux, spiritual acrylics with a colorful Southwestern feel.
  39. Joan Domenech, photography. Gyclee technique and pigmented inks.
  40. Cecilia Rosslee, impressionistic  interiors and still life.

  41. Sandro Bisonni, a dramatic, natural, magical world with intense, fiery brushstrokes.
  42. Dusan Jovanovic, surrealistic landscapes and nature from Italy.
  43. Liviu Bora, fantasy sculpture from Romania.
  44. Anupam Pal, mixed media abstracts from India.
  45. Nazish Chunara, patterns, objects and still life.  Living life on the edge of a swirl. The science of curved angles.
  46. Patrick Burke,  the collective unconscious.
  47. Michael O'Gorman, complex, surreal oil paintings.
  48. Vincent Rijs, photography from the Netherlands.
  49. Pietro Uguagliati, impressionistic oil landscapes.
  50. Maurizio Isernia, photographer -- light , the messenger of the visible, from Italy.
  51. Charline Lancel, digital art and geometric shapes from Belgium.
Our programs have been updated for the first time in several years.
The updates include thumbnail displays in the gallery editor and the ability for all the artists to upload short Audio Visual files.

Happy New Year 2014

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ricky Huloe is the 2012 Digital Color Artist

Happy New Year 2012.

Ricky Huloe.
Ricky Huloe is the 2012 Digital Color Artist. Ricky creates public spiritual conscience art. Group consciousness and connectivity to all living beings resonates from his art. His works are influenced by unity, divinity and the ancient Mayans. His part in our galactic collective makes us one. We are one community. We are all superbeings.

Ricky paints large pieces with acrylics on wood, metal, cement, canvas and the unknown ether. His work is everywhere, in shows, in remote spots and in cities. His message is universal: give love deep into the roots of your soul.

New Artists
Welcome to these artists, new to Digital Consciousness:
  1. Bronwyn Woodley Graham. An eternal fascination with light: the effects with various pigments, the source and color of the light, and the way in which it either falls on or emanates from various subjects.
  2. Mary Agarwal. A perspective artist with a background in architecture and fine arts.
  3. Ali Pournoroozy, from Sweden. Art characterized by a passion for nature and birds.
  4. Jaison Cianelli. Abstract landscape paintings expressing his joy of life with others.
  5. Todd Fox. Acrylic surrealistics.
  6. Edward B. Gordon. Painting daily and publishing online. More than 1600 paintings so far.
  7. Tom De Boeck, from Belgium. Abstract oils.
  8. Rajiv Arts, from India. Photo-realistic digital people, portraits and characters.
  9. Eric Bossik. Portraits of adults, children and pets.
  10. Rachael Bennett. Luminal spaces within landscapes; descriptive of form, light and place in an atmospheric way.
  11. Snake Jagger. Whimsical surrealism. Compositional inspiration from Rene Magritte convinces us to accept the entire image, regardless of its disparities, as a wholly realistic depiction.
  12. Sandro Taliani, from Italy. Figurative conceptual acrylics.
  13. Dhiir Kumar, from India. Anchor, standup comedian and mimicry artist known as the copycat of Imran Hashm.
  14. Rudolf Wiedemann. Impressionistic oil landscapes.
  15. Christopher Stone, from Spain. One of the world's foremost stone carvers in the Direct style, an approach to making carved sculpture introduced by Brancusi in 1906.
  16. Karl Joseph Kenda (1923 - 1980.) During the sixties and seventies, Karl had his own gallery in Miami. Psychedelic, spiritual or surrealistic paintings, all of them colorful, unique and thought-provoking. They are on masonite and canvas. He applied acrylics with a brush and palette knife. His paintings reflect world perils of earlier times yet still resonate today.
  17. David Holzman. Visionary portraits. His work has appeared in Graphis Magazine and his Love poster in the Museum of Modern Art, NYC (MOMA) in 1960.
  18. Deborah Crofts. Abstract figurative paintings inspired by a mixture of environmental concerns.
  19. Bo Bakker, from the Netherlands. Monumental Art, record sleeves, illustrations for various magazines and a series of life sized portraits of women.
  20. Khachik Hovhannissyan, from Armenia. Abstract oils.
  21. Giovanni Greco, from Italy. Theatrical and metaphysical. Fundamental problems which do not leave our mind or stage.
  22. Emmanuele Duclot-Haillot, from France. Intimate drawings.
  23. Sue Skitt. Mixed media fine art photography. The power of object to bear witness to intangible ideas and emotional truths.
  24. Antonio Nodar. Post Cards from Year 2222, a photographic sci-fi story. The heating of the planet, sand storms, the extreme sunlight filtered through the frozen clouds, and the change in the magnetic fields, will transform the colors and perception of things around us.
  25. Erella Teitler. Collage, mixed media, altered books and monoprints.
  26. Andrea Raft. Earthen hues, textures and overlapping layers with a quiet, serene meditative quality.
  27. Mel Alexenberg. The interface between art, science and culture. Space-time systems and electronic technologies.
  28. Bart Soutendijk. Murals for public, commercial, and residential locations made out of wire.
  29. Kendra Dixson, from Canada. Watercolors.
  30. Tony Fredriksson. Driftwood sculptures.
  31. Nabeel Muaddi. Deconstruction of the boundaries and injustices that prevail in culture and society.
  32. Eimear Brennan, from Ireland. Drawing.
  33. Anima Somnia, from Spain. Gothic photography, textures and digital painting.
  34. K. Dawne Holmes. Custom motorcycle airbrush, photorealistic painting and metal fabrication.
  35. Greta Perez. Abstract Cuban figures.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy "Maya" Robinson is the 2011 Digital Color Artist. Jeremy often paints live amidst groups of people. Sometimes while he is painting, a calligraphist writes a meaningful phrase on the artwork in a foreign language. Jeremy sometimes paints on people who sit for hours to be adorned.

Many of his pictures are made in phases. The first phase being, just making a simple drawing or painting. He uses colored pencils and pens, technical art pens, gel pens and markers. And also gouache/watercolor paint, acrylic paint and other paints.

The next phase is prints or copies. In making them he may use digital filters or machines to adjust color saturation, contrast, negative/position orientation and brightness. And, also, semi-transparent materials like cloth and paper. Sometimes he moves the original drawing while the copy is being made or draws on the copies or tears the copies into pieces for collage. Once he has a print the process starts over: Collage of collage of collage for many many generations of images. Making artwork through phases like this allows Jeremy to get effects that would not otherwise be possible.

He says "The more I make art in this way the more art there is to make in this way."

Jeremy is a lover of plants, a musician and a traveler. He is available for murals, illustrations, portraits, design work and other commissions.

New Artists
Please welcome these new artists:

1. Giacobbe Luigi. Overlooking. Abstract mixed media from Italy.
2. Olesya Novik. Fantasy from the Ukraine.
3. Emily Dewbre-Young. Sculpture, pyrography and carving.

See anytime for new artists and artists with new art.

News from the Artists
Harlan Gruber exhibited the skeleton of his Peridot Portal at Circle of Bliss in March 2011. It combines his Diamond Portal's golden ratio based design, with the pentagram plan of the Amethyst Portal, so it has five points instead of two.

Mahendra Bhatt, Judy Puckett and Arkady Zrazhevsky have added new artwork to their galleries.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Digital Consciousness News

New Artists

Please welcome these new artists:

  1. Sylvester Engbrox. Characters moving through strange atmospheres, from France.
  2. Helen Cusack. Realistic oil cityscapes of London and the river Thames.
  3. Johny Alives. Metaphotography to scanography.
  4. Hugo Martinez Rapari. Glass sculpture from Uruguay.
  5. Arkady Zrazhevsky. Landscape and still-life drawing from Russia.
  6. Rayanda Arts. Geometric abstraction and playful nudes from Canada.
  7. Ted Ellis. Passionate folk paintings of the culture of New Orleans.
  8. Martin Koetsier. Geometrical color harmony from the Netherlands.
  9. Melissa Ann Lambert. New media. Light boxes and pixelated surfaces.
  10. Alexandra Orton. Vibrantly colored surreal fish paintings.
  11. Eric Adama. Mixed media on paper.
  12. Ajayi Olaitan. Impressionistic watercolors from Nigeria.
  13. Eva Kryshtapovich. Mystical oils from Belarus.
  14. Hans Leip. Surrealistic acrylics from the Netherlands.
  15. Elaine Griffith. Art teaching methods.
  16. Iouri Galitchenko. Abstract-figurative paintings from Belgium.
  17. Souel Marawi. Expressionistic oils from Cyprus.
  18. Cbogatean Calin Bogatean. Iconography from Romania.
  19. Zdenko Radovanic. Shadows and blank figures from Croatia.
  20. Edward Sherman. Photography of Harlem street scenes and musicians.
  21. Karen Parker. Still life compositions.
  22. Jacopo Zanin. Surrealistic fractals.
  23. Funism Folk Art by Sal Marino. Visionary characters.
  24. Shaista Nadaf. Abstract light and color oil pastels from India.
  25. Katarina Fagerstrom Levring. Abstract photo impressionism from Sweden.
  26. Lynette LT Carter. Visionary digital art.
  27. Juan Carlos Guzman. Acrylic portraits from Argentina.
  28. Tim McMullen. Ceramics and pottery.
  29. Jimmy Devasia. Humorous illustration from India.
  30. Michelle A. duPlessis. Abstract landscapes from South Africa.
  31. Nikolay Karacharov. Landscapes and nature from Russia.
  32. Ruzaick Rushan. Landscape pastels from Sri Lanka.
  33. Conn Hutzel. Grandson photography.
  34. Samuel Junior. Landscapes from Ghana.
  35. Alessandro Rinaldi. Airbrush from Italy.
  36. Aashish Kamble. Actor from India.
  37. April Turner. Mixed media from Germany.
  38. Vondo Sharma. Oils on canvas.
  39. Gabriel Salgado Salgado. Wedding performances from Mexico.
  40. Willi Bauer. Impressionistic landscapes from Germany.
  41. Adam Hemuss. Exhibitions from England.
  42. Shadreck Mpofu. Still life painting from Zimbabwe.
  43. Mitesh Jain. Choreographer and DJ from India.
  44. Fei Chunii Lee. Drawing from Canada.

See anytime for new artists and artists with new art.

Exhibiting your Artwork

Registered Artists can use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to edit their display.
It is inconspicuous in the background under the main table. Payment for Gallery Service is voluntary for 2011.
If you are a Registered Artist who has not yet exhibited in our on-line galleries, just email us.
We will gladly set it up for you whether or not you donate.
If you have Gallery Service that expires, and want to reactivate, let us know and we will do it.
The galleries contain no ads and are among the most prominent pages on Digital Consciousness.

News from the Artists

Thom Millsap is exhibiting his work in Sarasota, Naples, Marco Island and West Palm Beach Florida this spring.

Gilbert Abric, DanCiva, Nese Ikbal Sen, Kurt Van Wagner, Lise Boucher, Donna C. Willis, Derek McCrea and Kevin Barr have added new artwork to their galleries.

2011 Featured Artist

Nominations for the 2011 Featured Artist remain open.

The artist awarded this honor will be announced in the next newsletter.

New in the Directory

  • Google Art Project. Discover featured artworks at high resolution and use the custom viewer to zoom into paintings.
  • Studio Vogue Gallery. Canadian & International Art. One of Toronto's most unique venues for Mid-Career and Emerging Artists.
  • beinArt. Surreal Art Collective: the ever expanding online gallery of surreal, psychedelic and visionary artists.
  • Irving Norman. San Francisco Bay Area artist, Irving Norman (1906-1989.) His highly detailed paintings are powerful critiques of contemporary life and times.

Global Gatherings and Art Events

Gatherings can be the most artistic endeavors imaginable. Probably, even beyond one's imagination. Unless, of course, one is there to witness and participate.
Digital Consciousness has noted the most meaningful gatherings in the world. You can sort them by name or time.

This year, consider attending these wonderful monthly Southern California Art Walks: the Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara and San Pedro Art Walks (all 1st Thursdays),
the Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk (2nd Thursdays), the Highland Park Art Walk (2nd Saturdays) and the Venice Art Crawl (3rd Thursdays).
For details and many more listings, follow the links at:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carol Henry

The Summer 2010 Digital Color Artist is Carol Henry. Carol is a fine art photographer who does not use a camera. She projects light in the darkroom to create images of unique clarity and saturation. She prints on the archival darkroom material known as Ilfochrome paper. She has been perfecting this experimental process for more than 20 years. She is known for her one-of-a-kind botanicals.

Carol has also painted a series of portraits of Barack Obama that tracks his administration through art. The series is known as the Obama Painting Project. It is about abilities, ideas, and ideals converging to leave a visual record of our changing planet.

Carol Henry's work often reveals playful compositions of water related imagery and thoughtful abstraction. She graduated from Northern Michigan University in Marquette with a BFA in photography. She continued exploring the art of light transmission in her Ilfochrome darkroom at the Lab Ciba in Burbank. She is represented in California by: the Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite, Photography West, Carmel and the Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach. Her studio is located in the historic Whizin's Center Arcade in Agoura Hills, California.

New Contemporary Artists
Welcome to these newly registered artists:

1. Walt Chaney. Watercolors. A background in commercial sculpture and toy art.
2. Mamta Herland. Painting, digital art and video from Norway.
3. John Currin. A dark morphing of subject and medium.
4. Edwin Villavera. Bright watercolor and oil impressions.
5. Pia N8sheim. Warm mystical art from Germany.
6. Helena Szawlowska Human beings, covered by a mild fog. From the Czech Republic.
7. Carol P Kingsley. A beautiful array of light and shadows.
8. Gary James. Ballpoint pen works are of the stipple pointillist tradition.
9. Igor Gustini. Abstracts from Croatia.
10. Atelier Aant-seize Collectif. Life of African women photos.
11. Made gede Suardika. Iron, steel and meteorite sculpture from Indonesia.
12. Wesley Rowe. Watercolors, airbrush, oils, digital photos and silkscreen.
13. Christopher Paul. Light and color acrylic abstracts.
14. Michelle Wrighton. Up close pet portraits from Australia.
15. Linda Paul. Egg tempera painter and bas-relief sculptor.
16. Simon Kontarge. Classical Italian manner portraits and psychological surrealism.
17. Jude Thaut. Brush and blade landscapes.
18. Marco Ambrosini. Trompe l'oeil and affresco from Italy.
19. Craig Hitchens. The auras of living beings from Australia.
20. Nikolay Lukashuk. Realistic landscapes from Russia.
21. Thom Millsap. Impressionistic acrylic seascapes, still life and landscapes.
22. Edward Myers. A generalist photographer and printmaker.
23. Carol Henry. Projection on Ilfochrome. Fine art photography without a camera.

To view their work click on their name at or enter it at

New Galleries
Gilbert Abric, Jason Jenkins, Marijan Gal, Nirvana Blues, Kevin Barr, Nese Ikbal Sen, Barbara Rose Guada and Judy Puckett have added new artwork to their galleries:

News from the Artists
The geniuses behind the Mutant Vehicle Photo Booth are going mobile themselves. They are building a rolling studio with a 16 foot high climbable tripod. It will not have a fabric backdrop, or any backdrop at all, except of course the varying themes of the metropolis.

Southern California Art Events
This summer, consider visiting these art walks, gallery nights, festivals and studio tours:

* Jun 3, 2010 Santa Barbara Art Walk (monthly)
* Jun 4, 2010 First Fridays Ventura (monthly)
* Jun 5, 2010 ArtWalk Culver City
* Jun 5-6, 2010 Conejo Valley Art Museum (Thousand Oaks) ArtWalk
* Jun 10, 2010 Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk (monthly)
* Jun 12, 2010 NELAart - Northeast L.A. Gallery Night (monthly)
* Jun 19-20, 2010 Pasadena Chalk Festival
* Jul 2010 Malibu Arts Festival
* Jul 1, 2010 Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk (monthly)
* Jul 2, 2010 First Fridays Long Beach (monthly)
* Jul 3-4, 2010 Pine Knot Village Art Walk (Big Bear Lake)
* Jul 10, 2010 Montrose-Verdugo City Art Walk
* Jul 17, 2010 Miracle Mile Art Walk
* Jul 24, 2010 Glendale Open Studio Tour
* Jul 31, 2010 Pomona Last Saturday Art Walk (monthly)
* Aug 5, 2010 El Paseo Artwalk (Palm Desert) (monthly)
* Aug 6, 2010 Claremont Village Art Walk (monthly)
* Aug 7, 2010 Santa Ana Artwalk (monthly)
* Aug 14, 2010 Long Beach Art Walk (monthly)
* Aug 21, 2010 Santiago Art District Art Walk (Santa Ana) (monthly)
* Aug 28, 2010 Frogtown Artwalk
* Sep 2010 Autumn Lights LA
* Sep 2, 2010 1st Thursday Downtown San Pedro (monthly)
* Sep 25, 2010 Santa Monica Glow Festival

For details and many more listings, follow the links at:

Hopefully these will be as wonderful as the events spring. Highlights include the Angel's Gate Studio Tour (in San Pedro,) the Santa Fe Open Studios, and the Laguna and Santa Barbara Art Walks. At Angel's Gate, one artist created fantastical ceramic musical instruments. As she played one, it emitted many sounds reminiscent of various other instruments, from a flute to a didgeridoo. She played another one which sounded like electronic feedback. And one was a two-person instrument, each blowing into opposite ends while standing and crouching, with a ball rolling inside to change pitch as the instrument's relative elevation changed.

Santa Fe Walk Through was also very good. One artist had an impressive huge papier-mache elephant head and leg coming out of the wall. A light/video artist had a video playing which from a distance looked like horses galloping. Upon closer examination, one discovers that it's actually made up of many human hands and fingers collaged together.

In Laguna, the art museum, featuring a survey of contemporary art and culture in the OC, had a few unusual pieces, including one in an unlimited edition, with viewers allowed to take one home. It was a printout of all of the punctuation and spaces from M. L. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Also, a favorite piece was a tree sculpture with many electronic abstractly bird-like objects in the branches. At seemingly random times, some or all of the "birds" would flap their "wings".

In Santa Barbara the art museum featured an exhibit "Delacroix to Monet: Masterpieces of 19th-Century Painting from the Walters Art Museum" (in Baltimore). It included works by Pissarro, Degas, Millet and many others. It's always great to see new Monets and Pissarros, but the favorite piece was a cafe scene by Manet. Outside the museum was a group performing Celtic music. The Granada theater is a beautifully restored place, which had an interesting exhibit with photo portraits of famous musicians, actors, dancers, and other personalities such as The Beatles, Rudolph Nureyev, Paul Newman, and Michael Jackson.

Exhibiting your Artwork
Registered Artists can use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to edit their display. It is inconspicuous in the background under the main table. Artists with Digital Consciousness Gallery Service can create and edit on-line galleries from a control panel. These galleries contain no ads and are among the most prominent pages on Digital Consciousness.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nese Ikbal Sen

The February 2010 Digital Color Artist of the Month is Nese Ikbal Sen (b. 1956)
Nese was born in Manisa, Turkey. He holds postgraduate degrees in business and has worked as a teacher and a health manager. He also has had formal training in art history. He paints realistic oil portraits, usually working long hours in his studio. He has exhibited at several group and one-man shows.

New Contemporary Artists and Galleries
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Jerome Maggiore. Expressionistic paintings that engage intellectual senses.
2. Michael Sturdy. Abstract-expressionist painter and author.
3. Jerome Poitevin. Giclee, fine art inkjet and digital chromogenic prints.
4. Kalliope Amorphous. Conceptual self-portrait photographs.
5. Cyril Vandenbeusch. Eating time and food and photography.
6. Elin Bogomolnik. Palette knife oil paintings from Israel.
7. Amelia Miholca. Oil abstracts of color and light
8. Elizabeth Lynn Moon. Mystical jewelry.
9. Megan Coyle. Fine collage from portraiture to landscapes.

Gilbert Abric, Kevin Barr and Lisa Putman have added new artwork to their galleries.

Southern California Art Events
At the January San Pedro artwalk, one gallery featured bold, colorful paintings by Muriel Olguin. It was dramatically lit by projector lights focused on each artwork. Another gallery's exhibit consisted of side-by-side photos. One photo of each pair was of a famous work of art, and the other was a local San Pedro resident recreating the pose as closely as possible.

"Let There Be Light", a project of Phantom Galleries L.A., showed that the bad economy is good for the arts in one respect: temporary "phantom galleries" pop up all over the place in vacant properties. This time, the phantom galleries all consisted of light-themed installations meant to be viewed from the sidewalk through the windows of vacant storefronts. There were 25 locations, each of which contained the work of one to seven artists. This was a very cool experience. There were lots of multicolored neon lights, some kinetic sculptures, some video displays, and just about any medium you can imagine interacting with just about any form of light.

Ongoing is a very good Mercedes Matter exhibit at Pepperdine University's art museum. She's one of those artists whom nobody's heard of, but they should have.

In February 2010 please visit these art walks and gallery nights

* Feb 4, 2010 Santa Barbara Art Walk
* Feb 4, 2010 Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk
* Feb 4, 2010 1st Thursday Downtown San Pedro
* Feb 4, 2010 El Paseo Artwalk (Palm Desert)
* Feb 4, 2010 Riverside Arts Walk
* Feb 5, 2010 First Fridays Ventura
* Feb 5, 2010 Claremont Village Art Walk
* Feb 5, 2010 First Fridays Long Beach
* Feb 6, 2010 Santa Ana Artwalk
* Feb 11, 2010 Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk
* Feb 13, 2010 Pomona 2nd Saturday Art Walk
* Feb 13, 2010 NELAart - Northeast L.A. Gallery Night
* Feb 13, 2010 Long Beach Art Walk
* Feb 20, 2010 Santiago Art District Art Walk (Santa Ana)
* Feb 26-28, 2010 Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts
* Feb 27, 2010 Pomona Last Saturday Art Walk

For details, follow the links at:

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lise Boucher

Happy New Year.
Lise Boucher is the January 2010 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Lise is a self-taught digital artist from Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. Lise paints and assists with the creation of theatrical displays. Lise also enjoys creating posters and pamphlets.

New Contemporary Artists and Galleries
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Nadezhda Strelkina. Nadezhda's works are dreamlike images of angelic women that evoke emotion and spiritual feelings in the viewer. She paints in a most subtle manner and is especially known for her soft, flawless faces, delicate postures, and masterful translucent technique that captures feminine beauty.
2. A J Joji Alphonse. Born in a remote village in Kerala, a small state of India, Joji is a self taught still photographer of human life and nature.
3. Mehtab Ali. Mehtab specializes in portrait, still life, landscape and cultural paintings. He has proven himself in miniatures, portraits and calligraphy, using oil, pen and ink, pastels and water colors. His paintings depicting women in eastern dresses and in typical moods have attracted great attention.
4. Alessandro Iacopelli. Metal insects from Italy. Alessandro has perfected the technical assembly of metals.
5. Ratka Lugumerski. Ratka explores the conscious perception of environmental change. He finds symbols, such as pictures from magazines that belong to the sphere of marketing to compose intuitive concepts with completely new and often ironic meanings. He destroys and rearranges.
6. Massimo Romagnoli. Massimo is a painter and graphic designer from Italy. He creates black and white graphics, drip paintings, digital art and vector illustrations.
7. William Howard. William draws realistic works in charcoal and colored pencil. He pays such attention to detail that at first glance his drawings look like photographs. His subjects range from nautical themes, with a focus on lighthouses, to historical architecture and interiors.

Barbara Rose Guada, Philippe Benichou, Judy Puckett, Kevin Barr and Lisa Putman have added new artwork to their Digital Consciousness galleries Guy Jean Genevier has added work at

Southern California Art Events
In January 2010 please visit these art walks and gallery nights

* Dec 5-Jan 15, 2010 Let There Be Light!, Long Beach
* Jan 2, 2010 Santa Ana Artwalk
* Jan 7, 2010 Santa Barbara Art Walk
* Jan 7, 2010 Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk
* Jan 7, 2010 1st Thursday Downtown San Pedro
* Jan 7, 2010 El Paseo Artwalk (Palm Desert)
* Jan 7, 2010 Riverside Arts Walk
* Jan 9, 2010 Pomona 2nd Saturday Art Walk
* Jan 9, 2010 NELAart - Northeast L.A. Gallery Night
* Jan 9, 2010 Long Beach Art Walk
* Jan 14, 2010 Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk
* Jan 16, 2010 Miracle Mile Art Walk
* Jan 16, 2010 Santiago Art District Art Walk (Santa Ana)
* Jan 30, 2010 Pomona Last Saturday Art Walk

For details, follow the links at: