Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Norman Engel

Norman Engel
Norman Engel is the February 2008 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Norman is a prolific artist specializing in contemporary paintings of women. His approach to painting is reminiscent of the painters of the early twentieth century. His style combines the traditions of the Old Masters with contemporary abstraction to create original canvases of layered color, sensitive line and classical composition.

Norman's subjects include modern women, girls, and the nude figure, as well as still life, landscapes and abstracts. He works in oil and acrylic and also sketches and draws. Norman's studio is located in Houston, Texas and he teaches at the Art Institute of Houston. His paintings are included in collections all over the world. Although painting is his full time passion, he is also active in animation, illustration, graphic design, photography, and teaching. http://RenownedArt.com/digitalcolor/

New Artwork in the Galleries
Nicholas Caputi, Maggie Connell, Joseph DiSipio, Gerard Van den Berge and Derek McCrea have added new artwork to their galleries. http://DigitalConsciousness.com/gallerylist.phtml

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at http://DigitalConsciousness.com To see these most recent artists go to http://DigitalConsciousness.com/new/

1. Manfred Kielnhofer. Mystical sculpture from Austria.
2. Nizar Sabour. Internationally exhibited art professor from Syria.
3. Paulina Sydney. Alaskan fantasies.
4. Zsuzsa Doszkocs. Cityscapes from Hungary.
5. Uvi Poznansky. Bronze and ceramic sculpture.
6. Isabelle Hayeur. Installation art and digital montage from Canada.
7. Neil Howe. Surrealistic art and music from Australia.
8. Arash Helali. Landscapes and nature from Iran.
9. Robert Chami. Pastels and inventions from Syria.
10. Alan Estes. Digital abstracts from photographs.
11. Patricia Estes. Florals and still-lifes.
12. b jAXON, E.C.A.D. Realistic pencil drawings.
13. Funism. Art movement started in 1991 by Norm Magnusson.
14. Phil Slattery. Elementalist manipulation of shininess and texture.
15. Jeff Fisher. 3D science fiction, and fantasy modeling.

Avant Duck
The Sullivan Goss Gallery of Santa Barbara, California has an exhibit entitled "Avant Duck." The artist, Martha Mayer Erlebacher, interpreted basically the entire history of art through the filter of . . . a duck. Now, this idea sounds like it could end up being kitschy or too cutesy, but instead it was an extraordinary exploration of art as interpreted by the world of the Duck. There was a Munch ("The Scream" become "The Quack"), a Duchamp/Da Vinci Mona Lisa duck, as well as duck versions of Magritte, Picasso, O'Keeffe, Dali, Warhol, and many other works. Particularly of note was the Ofili. Ofili is famous for using elephant dung in his work, so Erlebacher of course incorporated duck droppings into her work. A spectacular exhibit!

Burning Man Ticket Sales
This year there will be no ticket sales at the event gate. $210 and $225 tickets are sold out. 10,000 third level are available for $250, and after that, fourth level tickets at $295, while supplies last.

Artist live/work Community Survey
The developers of "Artist Walk", an art colony in New Jersey, are conducting a short survey. The purpose of the survey is to help plan and design the community. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=lFDyB6PQsWTj47RqBk6ntw_3d_3d