Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gerard Van den Berge

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Gerard Van den Berge
Gerard Van den Berge is the January 2008 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Gerard is a nature impression photographer. He works in the Netherlands. While taking photographs he looks for the horizon and for the abstractness of the sea, the beach and the dunes. His way of taking pictures is spontaneous without aiming for a technically perfect representation. Mostly he wishes to show the opposite; the pure chance; the freedom.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Joseph DiSipio and Nicholas Caputi have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Durga. Dark Folklore Art from the ancient tribal cultures of Indonesia.
2. Jaroslaw Kukowski. Surrealistic creatures which disturb the spirit of sensitive observers.
3. Leone Holzhaus. Contrasts of subdued interiors and bright sunlight, from Portugal.
4. Jeffrey Dean. Modern Realism.
5. Ann Tracy. Digital collages of the machinery of electricity.
6. Peter Heuscher. Florals from Australia.
7. Melissa Hall. Animals and wildlife.
8. K. Jenkins. Emotive, expressive, figurative oil painting.
9. Jason Shawn Alexander. Expressionistic portraits.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

John Well-Off-Man

John Well-Off-Man
John Well-Off-Man is the December 2007 Artist of the Month. John, a member of the Chippewa-Cree tribe, was born and raised in Havre, Montana, and on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation. He received his diploma in photography from Ohio Visual Art Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio in 1978, and an Associate of Fine Arts degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1990. John Well-Off-Man produced the visual exhibit "Their Eyes Tell Everything," a photo-history of the Montana Chippewa-Cree with a grant from the Montana Committee for the Humanities. This exhibit is now in the permanent collection of the Montana Museum of Art and Culture.

John Well-Off-Man's artworks are exhibited nationally and internationally and included in the permanent collection of the Westphalian State Museum of Natural History in Muenster, Germany. The artist is well known for his series of oil portraits rendered in brilliant textured colors using nails and tooth picks instead of brushes. These portraits were meant to honor the old timers of Chief Rocky Boy's band of Ojibwe and Little Bear's band of Cree. John is going to set up a printmaking studio in Missoula, Montana.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Carson Collins, Barbara Rose Guada and Nicholas Caputi have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered since October 23. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Betty Luna. Detailed fantasy drawing.
2. Gustavo Moller. Abstract and geometric printmaking from Mexico.
3. Scott Boote. Stylized, abstract interpretations of landscapes and seascapes.
4. Lian Zhen. Landscapes, nature and animals from China.
5. Armando Bettencourt. Exposure of hidden societal elitist spins.
6. Dj Levi Jones. Ghanaian music on 8pm GMT Mon., Wed. and Thur.
7. Harold Adler. Events and wedding photography.
8. Lemya el Sophia. Experimentation founded on the collaboration between artists.
9. Roberto Palladini. Photography from Italy.
10. Marat Dusembaev. Light and color abstracts from Italy.

Southern California Art Walks and Studio Tours

* Dec 1, 2007 Santa Ana Artists Village Open House
* Dec 6, 2007 Santa Barbara Art Walk
* Dec 6, 2007 Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk
* Dec 6, 2007 1st Thursday Downtown San Pedro
* Dec 6, 2007 Art on the Avenues, West Hollywood
* Dec 7, 2007 First Fridays Ventura
* Dec 8, 2007 NELAart - Northeast L.A. Gallery Night
* Dec 8, 2007 Pomona Art Walk
* Dec 13, 2007 Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk
* Dec 15, 2007 Miracle Mile Art Walk

Carson Collins

Carson Collins
Carson Collins (b. 1953) is the November 2007 Artist of the Month. Carson was born in Oklahoma and raised and home schooled in the techniques of painting in Florida. He received a B.A. in psychology and chemistry at the University of South Florida at Tampa in 1973 and an M.D. from the University of Texas at Galveston in 1977. A passionate traveler, he has painted in Mauritius, the Stockholm Archipelago, St. Barthelemy, Honolulu, Manhattan and Costa Rica. He works in studios where the dominant light source comes from the west.

Carson's life work, The Ocean Series, is a post modern response to the color field paintings of Mark Rothko. Intriguing, relaxing, and evocative, these richly colored and detailed images are minimalist in composition and appeal to serious art lovers, those who meditate, and ocean lovers. The subject of The Ocean Series is the four elements -- earth, air, fire, and water -- in their most majestic setting: the shoreline. They are seascapes with a western horizon, an ancient and universal meditation on a setting sun; incantations to an idealized father descending below the horizon, or body, of an equally idealized mother.

Abstracted as a circle within a square, the sun is never seen as such in the paintings but implied through the reflection of sky into ocean. The horizon is the base of the square, the top edge of the canvas being the upper edge, the right and left vertical edges completing it. The transcendental nature of the intense colors at sunset, due to the acute angle of the sun and the ocean as the source of all rivers is a metaphor of death and reincarnation. They are a monument to something that is already, forever, lost.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Derek McCrea, Nicholas Caputi, Nirvana Blues and Ernesto Silva have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered since September 23. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Senthil Nathan. Spiritual calligraphy from India.
2. Telmo Mota. Warm shape sculpture from Portugal.
3. Michael Miller. Reference object sculpture.
4. Rajiv Vyas. Singer from India.
5. Bui Xuan Phai (1920-1988). Landscapes from Vietnam.
6. Eduard Manukyan. Ethnic Artistic still life.
7. Dick D’Agostino. Stylized fish and flowers.
8. Garima Gupta. Fantasy oils from India.
9. Heinrich Gustav. Architectural painting from Japan.
10. Hans Holtkamp. Realistic figure sculpture from Canada.
11. Shivaji Shet. Realistic landscapes from India.
12. Mark Fischer. Voice prints of whales and other animals.
13. Eveliene Deraedt. Fashion photography from Belgium.
14. Jose Carvalhosa. Realistic drawings from Portugal.
15. Sergio Manzari. Spiritual paintings done by candlelight.
16. Richard Misiano-Genovese. Innovative collage.
17. Nestor Patialiakas. Byzantine and religious egg tempera from Greece.
18. Raymond Marsh. Money and currency themes from Australia.
19. Debi Ireland McSwain. vibrant thick textured florals and animals.
20. George Calle. Surplus metal sculpture from Canada.

Southern California Art Walks and Studio Tours
Monthly Art Walks

* Nov 1, 2007 Santa Barbara Art Walk (1st Thursday)
* Nov 1, 2007 Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk
* Nov 1, 2007 1st Thursday Downtown San Pedro
* Nov 1, 2007 Art on the Avenues, West Hollywood (1st Thursday)
* Nov 2, 2007 First Fridays Ventura
* Nov 3, 2007 Santa Ana Artists Village Open House (1st Saturday)
* Nov 8, 2007 Downtown L.A. Artwalk (2nd Thursday)
* Nov 10, 2007 NE L.A. Art Walk (2nd Saturday)
* Nov 10, 2007 Pomona Art Walk (2nd Saturday)
* Nov 17, 2007 Miracle Mile Art Walk (3rd Saturday)

Other Art Walks and Open Studio Tours

* Nov 3, 2007 Ventura ArtWalk
* Nov 3-4, 2007 Silver Lake Open Studio Tour
* Nov 3-4, 2007 Santa Monica Art Studios Open Studio Tour
* Nov 18, 2007 Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour ($11)

Derek McCrea

Derek McCrea
Derek McCrea (b. 1969) is the October 2007 Artist of the Month. Derek was born in Albany, Georgia. He paints in a whimsical impressionistic style in plein air settings. He first started painting with oils in the summer of 1984. From 1985 to 1986 he painted under the instruction of Jimmy Peterson, a well known artist from Georgia. In 1986 he won first place in the Georgia Arts Exhibition. Derek's works can be found in galleries in North Carolina, Georgia, Spain, France and Austria, frame and arts and craft shops in the Southeastern United States and numerous online galleries.

Derek has completed over 20 commissions in the past couple of years. His art was selected for the cover of The Eclipse. The Eclipse is a publication where poets write about the artwork of a selected artist once per quarter. Derek McCrea is a US Army Infantry Combat Soldier with two tours in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division.

Southern California Art Walks and Studio Tours
Digital Consciousness has launched a calendar listing the dates of art walks, studio tours, and other art-related events in southern California. Links are provided for more information about each event. These events are so good it is worth a trip to Southern California if you live out of the region. At the Laguna Beach artwalk, one gallery had etchings and other works by many renowned artists including Renoir, Dali, Chagall, Miro, Matisse and Rembrandt. There were also etchings by Camille Pissarro as well as paintings by his grandson H. Claude Pissarro.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Kevin Barr, Nirvana Blues, Lisa Putman, Nicholas Caputi, Jan Kolling and Jonathan Eoyang have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered since August 23. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Mirko Sevic. Surrealistic drawings from Croatia.
2. Jarig Straatsma. Landscapes from the Netherlands.
3. Juan Herrera. Digital photography from Argentina.
4. Michelle Frost. Ceramics from Canada.
5. Ilr Berhami. Geometric and futurist shapes from Albania.
6. Rita Slotteroy. Light, color and flower abstracts.
7. Marie Hermance. Abstracts from France.
8. Alberto Thirion. Mystical and spiritual romantic subjects from Mexico.
9. L Day. Landscape and nature photography.
10. Jason Howard. Abstracts and Perspex art from the U.K.
11. Colin Tresadern. Elemental geometric forms in a non-representational abstract space.
12. Donna Mae Montgomery. Visionary portraits and interiors.
13. Jan Kölling. Spiritual portraits from the Netherlands.
14. Shefqet Avdush Emini. Expressionistic oils from the Netherlands.
15. Craig Perry-Ollila. Abstract and quirky photography.
16. Tara Amodini. Mystical watercolors.
17. Didier Hirsch. Digital collage from France.
18. Harlan Gruber. Burning Man art installation.
19. Henk Klinkhamer. Figurative paintings from the Netherlands.
20. Angelina Dellner. Sensuous mysterious deep enigmatic painting from Norway.
21. Rob Collins. Oil, marble and linen; amalgamation of painting and sculpture.
22. Farnoosh Ahmadi Shirazi. Abstract landscapes from Iran.
23. Martin Am. Hand painted famous icons.
24. Ilgvars Zalans. Expressionistic cityscapes from Latvia.

Orange County Museum of Art. Currently exhibited is Art Since The 1960s: California Experiments

* Large blueprints which the artist had constructed of Gilligan's Island, the Addams Family mansion, and Rob and Laura Petrie's home. They were wonderfully nostalgic pieces, and also worked as art.
* Several pieces executed in the medium of smog. Silk or Plexiglas canvases had stencils placed over them and they were exposed to the air. Then the stencils were removed, and smog images remained. A few of the images were relevant to the medium, such as lungs or a gas mask.
* Vija Celmins. An extremely realistic oversized acrylic on wood sculpture of an eraser.
* A 32 minute long film of artist John Baldessari repeatedly writing "I will not make any more boring art."
* A few slices of plaster "wedding cake" created by Claes Oldenburg. Imagine attending a wedding and going home with a work of art by a famous artist!
* An Ed Ruscha piece entitled "Every Building on the Sunset Strip."

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Harlan Emil Gruber

Burning Man 2007 Friday and Saturday
The Artery.
Friday morning I rode toward the Artery with a friend from the Golden Cafe. We took the roundabout way and came across a camp that made pancakes. They served us pancakes on frisbees that had "Burning Man 2007" printed on them. They coated them with warm syrup from a big vat with a nozzle controlled by a foot pedal. We also stopped at a camp that had just opened a bar and was playing one of the BRC radio stations. When we got to the Artery, a camp in city center that coordinates placement of art installations, we read about the art. A few of the projects are funded from the ticket sale money. Most are not. We got more maps and saw all of the city center funded art. The highlights were the super 3D images viewed through binoculars at the cafe and the big gate sculpture made from discarded bikes. Dozens of artists contributed to the art around city center. One was a painting in glow in the dark paint that stood out beautifully at night.

El Museum de Materiel Retrieve.
Next we rode to the art on the near playa. Interesting was El Museum de Materiel retrieve or Museum of Reused Items by Traipse Treyfidis. It is an art museum dedicated to recycled materials. The structure is built from reclaimed cardboard. Its interior contains reproductions of famous modern artworks done entirely in recycled materials. A hilariously narrated fake history of Western art runs continuously referencing these works, that include a tomato soup can and a fake Picasso.

Under the Man.
The Hexayurt and generator exhaust exhibits were useful. A Hexayurt is a living area made from low cost high insulating material and sealed with tape. One was set up in the sun and it was surprisingly cool inside. The temperature of the earth just beneath the surface is pleasantly cool. So, in the yurt, the earth's surface, shielded from the elements will approach this temperature. I am building one next year. The generator exhaust exhibit showed generator exhaust cooled and pumped through tubes of growing algae. The algae fed on the exhaust and the result was a decrease in carbon emissions.

The Big Dust Storm.
There had been intermittent dust storms, even short white out conditions throughout the week, but Friday was the worst. I was on the playa when it hit, on my bike wearing sunglasses. I switched to goggles, but it was too late. Playa dust was in my eye. The wind blew so hard I walked the bike. The wind picked up even more. It was a total gray out. All that could be seen was the white gray color of the playa dust through the tears pouring out of my eye. I stopped completely and stayed motionless except to turn my head away from the shifting directions of the winds. During a remission in the immobilizing conditions I made it to the Kitchen. A few of us sat out the storm in the Kitchen drinking liqueurs and talking. The Golden Cafe members are interesting people doing creative things in the real world. As the storm seemed over I went to my tent and shady structure. Everything was okay. I set out again but the storm came back even harder than before. This time everything was not okay. The metal horizontal struts at the top of the shade structure had snapped causing the tarp to come loose. It was flapping loudly and violently in the wind. The wind was so fierce I could not remove the tarp although it was obvious it was only a matter of time before it would blow off. I sat in my camp chair and held it for quite a while. It was a workout, the blowing tarp versus my biceps. This was the only time at Burning Man I was outside and yet could see no other people. Everybody was huddled in their structures, RVs, buses, domes and yurts, and sealed in to minimize the penetration of playa dust. My goggles were working now. My eye was better, my neighbor had tended to it with saline solution, and the temperature had dropped. Even in the midst of the storm and the structure collapse I was having a blast. Other structures were also damaged by the storm. One of the huge rave domes collapsed. A person was lying on the floor, but was uninjured as the debris fell around him.

Double Rainbow.
After the storm it rained, and a beautiful double rainbow formed. Both arches were thick and full and stretched from horizon point to horizon point; from one end of the city to the other. I met the person who had spray painted "Colbert Says," next to older "N-gon" and "Nude Volley Ball 5pm" tags. He painted my clothes for me with stencils of those slogans and "Free Paul Addis" too. They all had graphics with them. Paul was back in Black Rock City with a sign saying "meet the man who burned the man," and giving autographs.

Saturday I was a bartender at the Dome. The bar was immensely popular and people crowded in for drinks. The drinks were gifts, but we had rules: 1. drink it in our glassware; 2. drink it here; and 3. drink it all. It is just natural to serve the people you like first. For me, they are usually the quieter people who are extremely happy to get their drink first. Golden Cafe drinks are very very good. They are often made with top brand liquor and in batches. An exception is the using up of the donations of more down scale and generic liquor and wine. The Golden Cafe gets a lot of liquor donations and serves it all. The bar is also where the medallion system comes into play. It is part of the bartender's job to recognize the medallions and provide the wearers with the best drinks. I took breaks from bartending to visit people in the neighborhood, and to rest on the couches at the 7:30 plaza. When I would return I would get a heartfelt hug and resume bar tending.

Naked Volleyball, the Blue Pig and the Burning of the Man.
At sunset we played naked volleyball. Afterwards I ate a big meal in the Kitchen with a cup of delicious white wine. The Blue Pig President art car was leaving for the Burning Man soon, but the food was so good I decided to savor it and walk. Serendipitously, the Blue Pig was still there when I was ready to go. It is a two story art car and I rode on top sharing drinks. It positioned itself upwind from the Man to avoid the smoke. I got out not sure of where I was and met several groups of people waiting for the Man to burn. More to my liking was a college freshman from CU and his friends, than a middle aged Brit in a blue blazer. The crowd was too thick to move far. The burning of the Man was preceded by the most massive fireworks display I had ever seen. Then there was an explosion and he was on fire. The explosion did not knock off his arms or even kill the green neon lights on his head right away. After a second the neon went out and after a few minutes his arms fell and the crowd cheered. After some more time he fell over.

The Real Explosion.
After the Man burning I walked quickly toward the Derrick. I picked up a companion and Dutch flag on the way. The companion parted ways with me not wanting to go to the backside to get a front row seat. I did. The front row was on a 1000 foot perimeter around the Derrick. It was a long time until the show began, as the area filled with people. The man sitting next to me had been to almost every Burning Man. He volunteered for entry patrol. People who try to sneak in are usually caught, double fined, and charged for a maximum priced ticket. Some people can however get in Thursday with a discounted ticket found online. A smoke generator poured a thick cloud of smoke. An even more amazing fireworks display than had preceded the burning of the Man began and kept up for a quarter of an hour at least. Big sustained blasts of fireworks of all colors came from several locations in the ground. Then, a 10 foot diameter pipe delivered a mega whoop of nitrogen-propane fuel to the center of the Derrick and there was an enormous explosion. It started with a blinding flash. Then the heat hit us. Then there was a mushroom cloud over the Derrick and it was burning. It was 2.4 gigawatts of raw power in only one minute. The largest flame cannon in history. The tower burned for some time and then fell. The giant sculptures remained.

A Synchronistic Epiphany.
After the explosion I walked to the Sapphire Portal for the last time. Its back door was open and the mixer guy was creating music a little more intense than had been playing there before. I went in the front and moved to it a little, and then out back and spotted a parked art car. It belonged to the Portal and the creator was inside. The girls who had gotten off of it gave me a bracelet and chocolate and told my fortune: "A revelation awaits you. Pause for reflections & a synchronistic epiphany will flash." I gave them the Dutch flag. They left and I climbed to the roof of the project with the people who were hanging out in back. From the roof I saw the Portal car leave. I got high with the guys on the roof. We were sitting, it was a perfect peaceful time. I walked back to camp through the ruins of the Derrick and the Man.

Harlan Emil Gruber.
Harlan Emil Gruber (b. Jan. 14, 1959, NY) is the September 2007 Digital Color Artist of the Month. He created the Sapphire Portal. Harlan has combined his interest in science and art to shape a respected design career. A student of Physics at Emory University and of Electrical Engineering at University of Miami and Georgia Tech, Harlan subsequently received a degree in the field of Environmental Design from Parson School of Design, New York (1985). Harlan has been attending the Burning Man festival in Nevada since 1999 and has created a series of bicycles for it called Playacycles. He has also created large scale sculptures for it: the Mutant Vehicle Labyrinth in 2003, the 11:11 Diamond Portal in 2004 & 2005 and the 12:12 Emerald Portal in 2006. He has become deeply committed to the vision of Burning Man, as it combines his interests in art, design and future habitation.

Burning Man 2007 Wednesday and Thursday.

Burning Man 2007 Wednesday and Thursday.
The Perimeter.
Wednesday I rode the perimeter. Out on the open playa past the campers, going counterclockwise there was first, the place where the water trucks go, and then an emergency services area. Next the Greeters Stations and then the airport. RVs and buses as well as cars were streaming into the Greeter Stations and planes were landing at the airport. The population of Black Rock City was increasing. It reached over 47,000 at its peak. People parachuted in. The air force flew cutting edge fighter jets over the city and they did stunts in mid air. At 2 O'Clock Street (2:00) I took a break from the perimeter to drink at the Skateboard Camp. 2:00 borders the playa so the camps there face out onto the playa. Many of the camps there are dance clubs that have stages and people dance out into the playa. The biggest is Opulent Temple. BRC is set up so the locations of many camps don't change much from year to year. After drinking, I rode out into the playa and encountered a wind skateboarder. He had a board that was like a four wheel furniture cart and a large sail. The winds were gusty but not steady and trouble tacking had left him almost at the perimeter. I rode to a meditation shack. It was red inside and had candles to light and a book to look at and write in. Everything was red. I had the shack to myself for only half a minute or so. Although it was near the perimeter, a long long way out, there were still lots of people there. Most on bicycles, but some walking, most in groups, but some by themselves, like me, all happy to be there and easy to talk to.

Sapphire Portal.
Next came one of my favorites -- the Sapphire Portal. It is a large round roofless aquamarine building with one opening through which people can crawl in. Inside you can see the sky, but not the horizon. A good part of the walls are part of a sophisticated sound system that lets you feel as well as hear music. There is a guy at a mixing board in back creating more meditative music than the punks or ravers, that is to say no electronic drumbeats. He appears to contemplate every movement he makes at the board, even measuring some with a calipers. In the middle of the structure there is a two story platform with pillow and mirrors. People are doing yoga on the platform.

Technology and Art.
Many of the installations were a fusion of technology and art. One was an extremely rapidly rotating stand of LED lights that made 3D images. I pedaled toward it seeing the 3D image of a burning man dissolve in and out of the patterns of light. The artist was there running the device. He told us that they had just finished installing it and had never fully tested it. He saw it work for the first time the same time I did -- in its fully glory at night on the playa. After some time he turned it off and the magic was revealed to be technology.

Big Rig Jig.
Big Rig Jig is a sculpture fashioned from real oil tankers. It kept to the theme of Burning Man 2007 -- the Green Man, instilling thoughts of wonder, fear, instability, nature, and beauty. Mike Ross, the artist, says of his work "Our source objects are fundamental to the world's oil distribution infrastructure, and are pertinent examples of our culture's unmatched production of carbon dioxide. By altering these symbolically rich objects, the sculpture is a celebration of humankind's raw power on earth, a visual metaphor for non-sustainability, and a contemplation of our unique ability to recognize and change our most destructive actions."

Another marvel I saw that night was gorillas that appeared to be swinging from monkey bars due to a strobe light effect. The gorillas are mounted on a carousel that is activated by participants pedaling stationary bicycles. The bicycles are arranged in an outer circle beyond the carousel. I later found out this is one of the most popular installations. It is called Homouroboros and is Peter Hudson's third large-scale stroboscopic zoetrope. I knew almost nothing about any of these installations before I came across them. They gave me an enduring sense of awe and wonder.

A Pyramid and a Sunrise Bar.
Another very large installation was a pyramid that shone a spotlight into the sky. The skin of the pyramid inside and out was a planetarium like canvas onto which green dots of light were projected. Inside the pyramid were consoles with colorful images that changed as you touched them. In the middle there was an inner chamber with a keyboard. People played the keyboard and it caused discordant tones to reverberate throughout the installation. A ways away there was a bar that opened at sunrise. I never made it to sunrise, but I will next year.

Neighborhood Walk.
One of the joys of Burning Man is walking around and meeting people. Many people set up their camps to make it inviting for people to visit. I met people who had come as groups of friends, and people who came as natural families. During a walk around I stood still in front a woman on a bike. She stopped in front of me and asked where the center was. I turned around to point to the center and saw, for the first time, the fully reconstructed Burning Man, including his head. He had been headless for a day, but was now fully rebuilt! I sat in a camp with a trampoline and a guy with a lime mohawk who I recognized entered. We hugged in greeting and talked about naked trampoline jumping. I said I would do it if other people did. He said "let's go," and took everything off. I did too and we jumped on the trampoline. It was so fun! We walked out of that camp together and into another one, where they were singing Freebird, and joined them.

Crude Awakening
Thursday night I returned to the Derrick. Its official name is Crude Awakening, by Dan Das Mann, Karen Cusolito, Black Rock FX, Pyrokinetics, Nate Smith, Mark Perez and MonkeyBoy. Nine figurative steel sculptures, weighing 7 tons each and standing 30' tall, embody the faithful. In their various poses of worship from around the world, they bow down and reach forth to the Revered Oil Derrick, that icon of the religion which now stands above all others. The nine faithful belch their fiery prayers from within and around their bodies. Each figure is bound by a participant-activated fire effect, created by Pyrokinetics. The Derrick is a 90' tall wooden tower. The stairs to the upper platform had just been completed and I climbed up and stayed for a long time looking out on Black Rock City -- the Rave domes, the strobing Homouroboros, the gleaming Sapphire Portal and a million other lights.

The Firetruck.
After the climbing down from the Derrick I returned again to Skateboard camp. They recognized me now. I had given them apples, tomatoes, nectarines and candy. They filled one of my water bottles with Rum and Coke. I sat down on one of their couches and shared the drink with the guy who was sitting there. He told me that his bike had been stolen, so we made plans to get on an art car. The first one we tried to board said they were full, and they added vodka cranberry to our drink making it taste funny. The next art car we didn't even ask. There was room enough and we ran after it and jumped on the back. It was a converted fire truck. They added a massive amount of vodka to our drink which made it taste wonderful again. The Firetruck blasted music with a beat and stopped at the Sapphire Portal. We went in and my drinking buddy stood on the pedestal in the middle and felt the music through his feet. The Firetruck also stopped at the Homouroboros and other far out installations. When the Firetruck was about to leave a location it spouted fire and honked so all the people could get back on before it left.

Burning Man 2007 Monday and Tuesday.

Burning Man 2007 Monday and Tuesday.
Welcome Home.
On Monday a dust storm blew as I entered the Burning Man gates into Black Rock City for the first time. Greeters in fanciful dust masks and goggles got me out of the car and spanked me. I rolled around in the dust and rang a gong. They gave me maps, a Schedule of Events and said "Welcome Home."

Building the Kitchen.
At my camp, the Golden Cafe, the bar, a large dome, was complete. The kitchen, a huge steel pipe structure was, however, only partially up because the pipe wouldn't fit into the couplings. They were grinding down the steel to make the pipes fit. A lot of steel had to be ground off. I helped a little. The process involved pressure, persistence, patience and enduring lots of sparks.

A Ride in the Dark.
After sunset I rode my bicycle into the playa toward the Burning Man. The playa is a dry lake bed. Art vehicles roamed around, some small, some huge like parade floats. They blasted rave and techno music, some Grateful Dead too. They had different themes that are hinted at by their names: Blue Pig, Firetruck, Fire Breathing Dragon, Mushroom, Rabbit, Duck, Pirate Ship, etc.

I passed a camp with a half pipe. A kid jumped out and yelled, "Stop, you gotta stop . . . and get some booze." I did. Their camp was like a three room house constructed of 2x4s. They had lots of couches, inside and out. We got high. After some time they cut their lights, as did the neighboring camps, to view the total lunar eclipse. I saw the green neon on the Man blink off. Somebody yelled "the Man's on fire." He was! The man had been burned prematurely by Paul Addis.

More Fire!
There is a lot of fire. Fireworks go off at random times. There are fire jugglers. Iron cauldrons of burning wood put out so much heat you cannot get too close. Then there are fire shows. At one, people hit a lever with a mallet to send a metal disc up a tower. Sometimes, if the disc goes high enough fire shoots out the top of the tower. But, watch for a while and you will see there is really a guy with a button and the fire shoots out when he presses it! And, of course, dance immolation. Players dance frenetically with fire suits on and fire shoots out of many different places on the set in step with their dancing. Lots of art cars and art exhibits also shoot flames, big ones.

Completing the Kitchen.
Tuesday, after sunrise I found people had been working all night on the Golden Cafe infrastructure. Again, I helped, a little. When we were done, we had a magnificent 15' high, 30' wide, 60' long structure with a tarp ceiling and sides. It was powered by a bank of fan cooled generators surrounded by sound dampening panels. The generators powered lights, freezers, refrigerators, a microwave, a hot water heater and pumps. The hot water heater heated water to 122 degrees for two camp showers and a carved marble sink behind the Kitchen. The sink was connected with pipe, not tubes, so that it wouldn't clog.

Skateboard Camp.
A musician went with me on a daytime bike ride. We went to the Derrick, the largest art installation, a wooden oil derrick and wire sculptures of giants praying to it in different positions. We went then to the Skateboard camp. They played original punk rock on the roof. Their main carpenter had a crutch and hobbled along the bike filled street pretending to be crippled and falling down. We laughed from the couches and ate fruit. We listened to the music and doodled on the wood. I briefly rode one of the green "Free Yellow Bikes" that had been donated.

Distant Art Installations.
After parting with my musician friend, I rode out to the most distant art installations. Several of them were shady places to rest with interesting furnishings. Some had roosts to climb on and look out. Some had keyboards or a piano to play. Many had mirrors. Many had sounds. Some were just a few artfully placed lights powered by a solar generator. Not all of them are running all the time. Sometimes the artist is hanging out at the installation she has created.

Nakedness and Costumes.
Many people go about the festival naked in the day. Most are tattooed. At night people wear costumes. Popular are skirts for the men and anything with lights or that glows. Bicycles are decorated too, with blinking lights and glow sticks.

Black Rock City.
Black Rock City has streets radiating outward from the inner playa. Center Camp has art exhibits, stages and performances. The major streets are lit by lamp, but the light is dim compared to the brighter lights of the camps that line the streets. Water trucks drive slowly on the streets spraying water out the back to keep the dust down. Naked people follow behind to keep cool. Art cars drive along too, barking which camp they are from and why everyone should go there. Spaces are reserved for theme camps and villages, which do have themes, such as raves, circuses, bars, art modeling, pancake making, musical style, trampoline jumping, nude volleyball or other things. There is also space reserved for walk-in camping. Otherwise, one can camp anywhere in the named street area.

The Golden Cafe.
The theme of Golden Cafe is drinks in glassware and gourmet food and its mascot is a golden calf. All camp members pay dues that go to camp expenses. Some people also make substantial additional donations. The centerpiece of the Golden Cafe is a dome with a bar. Wonderful musicians perform as we serve drinks and 'tapas.' Tapas means appetizers in Spanish cuisine, but in the Golden Dome they were a variety of delicious food from everywhere. Bread crusted eggplant, spicy bread, brownies, salads, potato tacos, vegan burritos, banana pancakes, lamb, flank steak, coconut chicken, tandoori chicken, sausage, shrimp, veggie chili in bread bowls, even lobster. The lobsters swam in a tank in the bar before they were cooked. Golden Cafe campers had gold medallions to identify themselves. Friends of the the camp had copper medallions and the musicians had blue ones.


NirvanaBlues is the August 2007 Artist of the Month. NirvanaBlues, the Art of Fractals and Philosophy, are the creations of Jamie Austin Paige. Her inspiration is the stirring language of poets and philosophers. Jamie, the only child of an artistic family, spent her youth in her father's studio on the island of Malta.

Her work juxtaposes the planned with the unplanned, culminating in vibrant expressions of chaos. The intellectual vibrancy of her fractals flies in the face of representative arts. "It's a spiral into the unplumbed depths of vortex mathematics," she explains. "The numbers, you see, take on a life of their own, dividing and subdividing like amoebae on speed."

New Artwork in the Galleries
Kevin Barr, Nicholas Caputi and Jay Anthony have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. L. Ray. Los Angeles City Hall and Long Beach airport murals.
2. Gian Genta. Sculpture from Italy.
3. Yuri Pugachov. Portraits of ballet dancers.
4. Silano Battimiello. Painting and performance art from Italy.
5. Faiza Bahna. Painting from the U.K. influenced by Egyptian murals.
6. Sonja Kobrehel. Abstracts from Canada.
7. Emmanuel Laflamme. Geometric shapes from Canada.
8. E. Marie Francis. Abstract digital art.
9. Damian Ramis. Expressionistic sculpture.

Nahid Navab

Nahid Navab
Nahid Navab is the July 2007 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Nahid has exhibited at juried fine art shows in the Washington D.C. area, Virgina and Iran. Nahid has won an Honorable Mention, Best Of Virginia Artists & Artisans 2005 juried book competition (Kennedy Promotions), the People's Choice Award, Fairfax Art League Nov, 2004, First Prize Painting "Trip" art work, Northern Virginia Community College April 2003 and other awards.

Nahid's work "Dream" was purchased by and is now part of the permanent collection of NOVA College, Annandale Campus.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Kevin Barr, Lisa Putman, Nicholas Caputi and Jay Anthony have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
There are now over 3000 contemporary artists exhibiting on Digital Consciousness! The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. David Tobey. Music influenced sculpture.
2. Travis Apel. Insect and organisms jewelry and sculpture.
3. Edward McClenahan. Metaphysical visions.
4. Alexander Bogomazov. Landscapes and nature from the Ukraine.
5. Willian Kilborn. Jazz scenes from Canada.
6. Ricardo G. Silveira. Digital arts from Venezuela.
7. Dimitri Tsutskiridze. Cityscapes from Georgia.
8. Mary E. Whitehill. Watercolor landscapes.
9. Elaine Knight. Landscapes and flowers from New Zealand.
10. Jamie Struth. Abstract landscapes from Scotland.
11. Ivy Klingbeil. Pop art portraits.
12. Artur Zurawik. Portraits from Poland.
13. Nina Gabriel. Abstracts.
14. Vincent Michele. Fantasy landscapes from France.
15. Joe Hendry. Portraits from the U.K.

Rick Griffin (1944-1991)
A exhibit of the work of Rick Griffin opens June 24 at the Laguna Art Museum, http://www.lagunaartmuseum.orgRick Griffin (1944-1991), a cult figure, has had a significant impact on our culture overall. The exhibit includes 140 paintings, drawings, posters, album covers, and artifacts, surveys thirty years of work from the 1960s until his death in 1991.

Before Griffin begins to revel in the art and politics of the counterculture, he is a surfer. Griffin develops the well-known cartoon-strip character Murphy, which is regularly published in Surfer magazine, the preeminent surf magazine of the era. Griffin is renowned as a surfer artist when he arrives in San Francisco in 1966, just in time to earn a poster commission for the first Human Be-In, setting into motion the Summer of Love.

Creating a simple, yet powerful design for that event, he quickly makes a name for himself with his brilliant lettering, nineteenth-century graphics, breathtaking color combinations, and humorous approach to advertising motifs. His new media is the psychedelic rock poster and his artwork permeates urban cores, where emerging bands that he designs for, such as Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead, give concerts.

Global Arts Village, New Delhi, India
Call for Early Winter Fellowship Applications 2007. Celebrating Art, Culture and Consciousness!

An emerging multi-cultural residential art center located in New Delhi, India, is a community of creative individuals celebrating life through art and heart. Their programs are based on the ancient Indian principle of Satyam, Shivam, Sundram. Their programs are meant to create an environment that fosters awareness and enhances your creative process. Their international arts center is unique because it combines artist residencies with Indian traditions such as yoga and meditation in a village community setting.

Creative people of all types including fine artists and craftspeople, designers, architects, writers, art administrators, curators, social development volunteers, researchers and healing art therapists can apply for full or partial fellowships or full fee residency programs. 60-day Early Winter Fellowships for 2007 begins on Oct 3 – Dec 2. Deadline for submitting your application is September 30, 2007 and can be submitted via email or post. For complete details please visit their website

Roger Cummiskey

Roger Cummiskey
Roger Cummiskey is the June 2007 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Roger is a Dublin watercolourist, living between Ireland and southern Spain. He has developed a unique individual style and specializes in paintings that take their themes and titles from the wanderings and writings of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Miguel de Cervantes and other literary and historical personalities. He is a recognised Joycean artist.

Roger´s paintings have been exhibited in Australia, China, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and in many national and private shows in Ireland. His paintings have represented Ireland at the Florence Biennale and also at International Art Exhibitions in London, Stockholm and New York. Roger is Chairman of the AIA – The Andalusian International Artists Group – based in the Fuengirola/Mijas area of southern Spain.

He has painted a series of Bloomsday paintings. Bloomsday - June 16th - is an annual celebration among Joyce fans throughout the world, from Fort Lauderdale to Melbourne. It is celebrated in at least sixty countries worldwide, but nowhere so imaginatively, of course, as in Dublin. The novel, Ulysses, by James Joyce recounts the hour-by-hour events of one day in Dublin - June 16, 1904 - as an ordinary Dubliner, Leopold Bloom, wends his way through the urban landscape, the odyssey of a modern-day Ulysses.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Connie Hummel-Kornell, Joseph DiSipio, Kevin Barr, Fuzzworks and Nicholas Caputi have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Cynthia Yosef. Oil painting influenced by Pop Art and hair design.
2. Khachatur Martirosyan. Abstract oils from Armenia.
3. Ato Abe. Humans and the natural world.
4. Marilyn Davenport. Still life photography.
5. Dirk Petzold. Surrealistic interiors from Germany.
6. Antan Tutra. Mystical cityscapes.
7. Kurchi Dasgupta. Abstract landscapes from India.
8. Chris Mills. Acrylic abstracts from the UK.
9. Connie Hummel-Kornell. Nostalgic landscapes. Victorian cottages.
10. Monique Wegmueller. International fantasy abstracts.
11. Bertrand Gadal. Close-up facial expressions.

Garry Andrews

Garry Andrews
Garry Andrews is the May 2007 Digital Color Artist of the Month. He was born in Sydney Australia and has recently completed a Master of Arts in Visual Arts. Garry was a founder and the first chairman of Kick Arts, a progressive artists collective in Cairns. He was a critical influence in the philosophy and early direction of that arts organization.

Garry has an extensive record of solo and group exhibitions -- more than 60, including drawing survey exhibitions at Queensland Art Gallery. He is the recipient of over 36 Art prizes and awards for painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking including the Jacaranda Drawing Prize for emerging artists. He has had numerous major commissions for Government and corporate clients including the Dept. of Environment, Optus, Cairns Port Authority and the Cairns Regional Gallery. He is represented in National and International Art Collections including the Faber Castell International Collection.

Free Museums in May Present your Bank of America or MBNA credit card to selected museums in the Northeastern US and in California during May, and get free admission for yourself and a guest. For the list of participating museums or for more information, go to

New Artwork in the Galleries
Kevin Barr, Nicholas Caputi, Bruce Price and Fuzzworks have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Leon Dolice. Cityscape etchings.
2. Jason Buroker. Phosphorescent pigments.
3. Aakash Anand. Burnt paper and fabric from India.
4. Toni Milaqi. Cubism from Albania.
5. Gjorgi Jakimovski. Computer art from Macedonia.
6. Maximin Lida. Aestheticism and reflection.
7. Tekosher Najat. Computer art from Iraq.
8. Vincenzo Fiore Marrese. Exploration of matter from Italy.
9. Alvin Gill-Tapia. Semi-abstract architectural images.
10. Norman Engel. Women and free-form abstraction.
11. Eszra Tanner. Landscape photography.
12. Nino Leselidze. Surrealistic photography.
13. Roy Laskar. Cubistic fantasy from India.
14. Dawk McFarlane. Photo-digital collage montage cartoons.
15. Antonio Narducci. Fantastic surrealistic oils from Italy.

R.W. Firestone The March 2007 issue of ARTNEWS has a review of Santa Barbara author, psychologist and artist R.W. Firestone's solo exhibition at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York City. A catalog with an essay by Edward Lucie-Smith is available upon request.

Thomas Broadfoot

Thomas Broadfoot
Thomas Broadfoot is the April 2007 Digital Color Artist of the Month.

Thomas Broadfoot, also known as BySilent, is a native of New Jersey living in Illinois. He creates computer graphics, digital abstracts, surreal spacescapes and fantasy works. He uses nature and architectural photography and innovative molding and framing techniques. His work is filled with perspective and vivid in colors and scope.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Michaela Mrafkova Martinez, Barbara Rose Guada, Kevin Barr and Nicholas Caputi have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Mike Hernandez. Haitian influenced primitive folkloric post-modern oils.
2. Shelley Malcolm. Abstract watercolors from Canada.
3. Dane Willers. Depictions of the unique Botswana landscape.
4. Irina Uriupina. Freelance photo model from the Ukraine.
5. Hasan Temizturk. Mystical Arabic calligraphy from Germany.
6. Val Bishop. Dream and meditation portraits.
7. Mike Cressy. Retro, fun, wild, quirky, bizarre and accessible.
8. Fernando Lopezlago Motorcycle detailing from Chile.

Michaela Mrafkova Martinez

Michaela Mrafkova Martinez
Michaela Mrafkova Martinez is the March 2007 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Michaela Mrafkova Martinez, originally from Bratislava-Slovakia, now lives and works in sunny Miami, Florida. She is inspired by the study of color therapy, color theory and how color affects our bodies, moods and feelings. She shows this in her art.

Michaela's original paintings, digital art works and fine prints are exhibited in the famous Art Deco District, Espanola Way. Her art was also shown and sold in the famed "heart" gallery - Pierre Marcel Gallery - in 2002 and 2003. She also exhibited early drawings in the Zichy Palace, Bratislava in the collective exhibition "Art Youth of Slovakia".

Michaela completed a one year course in advanced drawing with Academic Painter E. Kuzmova in Bratislava. Presently she is enrolled in a two year program with the American Art Institute.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Joseph DiSipio, Kevin Barr, Heinrich Wagner, Nicholas Caputi and Jay Anthony have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Daniel Rodriguez Rulli. Symbolic surrealism from Argentina.
2. Lita van Engelenhoven. Expressionistic, figurative landscapes from the Netherlands.
3. D.J. Boos. A convergence of Pollock, Kline and Motherwell.
4. Martha Ashkenazi. Lost wax sculptures from Australia.
5. Santiago Martinez Delgado. Realistic people, portraits and character murals.
6. Etienne Fouche. Oil portraits from South Africa.
7. Doris B. Lambling. Expressive color metric quantum-femi-fauvi-synergism from Germany.
8. Stephen Warde Anderson. Anthropomorphic fantasy tableaux and faux pulp art.
9. Mary Quinn. Realistic iron sculpture from England.
10. Seyo-Sead Cizmic. Dynamic realistic portraits.
11. Kelley Patterson. Native American animals and wildlife.
12. Ian Macintosh. Rural historic landscapes and dramas from the United Kingdom.
13. Thomas Jewusiak. Detailed illusions of actuality.

Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko
Tantra Bensko is the February 2007 Artist of the month. She paints rapturous vivid lucid visions that will haunt you into new corridors of consciousness and chase you down them until you wake. Tantra resides in San Francisco. She is the Art Director of the multimedia magazine, Mad Hatters Review. Some of her art takes the form of recycled sculptures with photography. She also makes movies from her art, which are projected at events.

Tantra is a model, and her image appears in her own art, as well as in others. She has worn costumes in surreal movies directed by Paul Wilm. She has an ongoing solo show, "Reality Burn!," that travels from venue to venue. Every opening has an exciting act with music and speakers.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Kevin Barr, Nicholas Caputi, Fuzzworks, Donna Sakamoto Crispin and Jay Anthony have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Tracey Costescu. Charcoal and graphite portraits.
2. Konti Amel. Still life from the Benin Republic.
3. Jean Petree. Abstract expressionism and color fields.
4. Thai Phien. Photography from Vietnam.
5. NirvanaBlues. Abstract fractals.
6. Fuzzworks. Artistic photo manipulation from the UK.
7. Jean-Paul Opperman. Collage from the Netherlands.
8. E.A. Feliu. Organic Kafkaesque experimentation.
9. Cheri Homaee, Still life photography.

Mina Momeni

Mina Momeni
Mina Momeni is the January 2007 Artist of the Month. Mina was born in Tehran in 1976. She has an Art Diploma in Painting from the Visual Art School, Tehran and a B.A in Photography from Azad University, Tehran.

She has had Individual Exhibitions: 2005 Exclusive Photography Exhibition, Naghsh-o-Mehr Art Gallery, 1996 Exclusive Photography Exhibition, Zarabi Art Gallery, Iran. And, Group Exhibitions: 2006 Saba Cultural & Artistic Institute, Ashora, Iran, 2004 Participated in Tehran Art Expo, Iran 2002 Freelance Photographers Exhibitions, Sweden 2002 Tehran University - Women in Mirror, Iran 2001 Ashora Group Exhibition, Iran 1995 Aftab Art Gallery - Youth Artists Group Exhibitions, Iran 1994 Jamshidiye Art Gallery - Tehran, Iran.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Luigi Rossetto. Impressionistic oil portraits from Italy.
2. Arevik Mkrtchyan. Abstract oils from Armenia.
3. Alejandro Niz. Realistic portraits with abstract backgrounds from Argentina.
4. Naomi Hare. Woodscapes from Scotland.
5. Grant Netherlands. Realistic animals from South Africa.
6. Oscar B. Expressionistic human mechanics.
7. Fredy Dominguez. Bronzed clay sculptures.
8. Peter Schwartz. Abstract paintings and poetry.
9. Paul Gavin. Abstract digital landscapes.
10. Graphic Iran. Game and Advertising graphics.
11. Solmaz Zand. Photography from Iran.
12. Kombizz Kashani. Portrait photography.
13. Marc Nobecourt. Symbolic photography.
14. Nancy Mayer. Realistic pencil portraits.

News and Shows of the Artists
Edith Suchodrew invites you to her New York exhibition at World Fine Art Gallery. 511 West 25th Street, Suite 803, Manhattan, NY 10001 (train C to 23d Street) January 2 through January 27, 2007 Monday to Saturday 12-6 pm Opening Reception: Thursday, January 11, 6-8 pm
R.W. Firestone invites you to his Solo Exhibition at Walter Wickiser Gallery. 210 11th Avenue, Suite 303, New York, NY 10001 January 2 through January 31, 2007. Opening Reception: Saturday, January 13, 6-8 pm

Ernesto Coelho Silva

Ernesto Coelho Silva
Ernesto Coelho Silva is the December 2006 Artist of the Month. Ernesto Coelho Silva is from Portugal. He has a style of abstraction that distorts reality so as to make it difficult to spot the subject of his work.

Transcendent to the exterior appearances and without material base, his art exists in the domain of the ideas. It starts as thought, the wakening of reasoning, or in a process of mental creation. It ends as the protagonist of a history, recognized for the press and painters, propagated for the world.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Kevin Barr, Nicholas Caputi, Adelle Jean, Gillian Sneed, Van Renselar and Jay Anthony have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Ronald Schwarze. Abstract oils from Germany.
2. Michael Turville. Fantasy portraits from Australia.
3. Airton Sobreira. Expressionism from Brazil.
4. Paula Franco. Oil landscapes from Argentina.
5. Tomas Castano. Realistic cityscapes from Spain.
6. Cris Orgescu. Nanotechnology imaging.
7. Mark Ridley. Photographs of light, texture, pattern and tone.
8. Boro Ivetic. Impressionistic oils from Serbia.
9. Enrico Campioli. Abstract interiors from Italy.
10. Temur Edjibadze. Realistic oil portraits from Canada.
11. Maria Pia Sapenza. Expressionistic pastels from Italy.
12. George Marks. Diffuse color landscapes.

Van Renselar

Van Renselar
Van Renselar is the November 2006 Artist of the Month. Van Renselar produces colourful works for home interiors and corporate spaces concerned more with form, composition and colour than subject matter. He uses colour, shape and line to make pictures which involve and intrigue the viewer. He takes ideas from around and within him, and uses intuition and imagination to create a new context.

Van Renselar grew up in South Wales and London, where he now lives and works. He has exhibited at many venues in the UK and the USA.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Kevin Barr, Alexandra John Petrie, Joseph Di Sipio, Pilar Bamba, Nicholas Caputi and Jay Anthony have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Aldéhy A. Numérique art and Création numérique from France.
2. Kevin Heaney. Montana landscapes.
3. Patrick Egarter. Analogical Digitization - painted pixels from Italy.
4. Lynda Lehmann. Urban Wallpaper from New York.
5. Steve Hogle. Detailed landscape and nature photography.
6. Mohammed Yasin Saddique. Portraits, still life and landscapes from the U.K.
7. Joseph Krick. Digital animals.
8. Josef Ralt. Expressive realism from Israel.
9. David Allio. Photos of nude figures.
10. Sibsankar Roy Laskar. Fantasy portraits from India.
11. Saint Virgin Peter. Surreal portrait and figurative paintings in oils.
12. Kasia Blekiewicz. Light and color abstracts from Poland.
13. Natalie Kelsey. Fractal frame art.
14. Morrigana Shalafae. Fantasy illustration.
15. Edith Suchodrew. Symphonic landscapes from Germany.

Heinrich Wagner

Heinrich Wagner (b. 1952)
Heinrich Wagner is the October 2006 Artit of the Month. Heinrich Wagner was born in Austria. He received basic training from Professor Emmy Woitsch and afterwards at the academy of fine arts in Vienna. He paints in with oils. His technique requires that he work so slowly it takes months to complete one picture.

He began exibiting his paintings in 1979. His works have been in galleries in Braunau, Raab, Hoehnhart, Windischgarsten, Vienna, Obernberg, Ried, Reichersberg, Stadttorturm, Linz and elsewhere in Austria and Italy ever since.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Joseph Di Sipio, Jay Anthony, Matthew Bates, Pilar Bamba, Adam McDaniel, Massimo Ridolfi, Gillian Sneed, David Tiger, Nicholas Caputi and Alan King have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Nikolay Pavlushko. Portraits from Azerbaijan.
2. Giuseppe Cascella. Surrealistic oils from Italy.
3. Mina Momeni. Photography from Iran.
4. Niloofar Rahnama. Abstract drawings from Iran.
5. Bita Reyhani. Urban landscapes from Iran.
6. Ted Shado. Abstract farmscapes from Canada.
7. Robin Clare. Realistic cityscapes from the U.K.
8. Ernesto Coelho Silva. Abstracts from Portugal.
9. Martín La Spina. Surrealistic oils from Argentina.
10. Elena Habicher. Cityscapes from Switzerland.
11. Dagrunn Moberg. Pencil drawings of animals. From Norway.
12. Chris Perry. Landscape photography.
13. Scott Hill. Environmentalist pop art.
14. Diezzo :O). Photography from the Netherlands.
15. Jose Orlando. Watercolors from Portugal.
16. Lyuba Zahova. Landscapes from Bulgaria.
17. Karim Chaibi. The locked secrets of dreams.
18. Barbara Rapp. Abstracts from Austria.
19. Josef Maršál. Drawing from the Czech republic.

Alan King

Alan King
Alan King (b. 1952) is the September 2006 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Alan King is an experienced multi-media artist born in London. He moved away from London in 1977 and after nearly 30 years living and exhibiting in Milton Keynes moved to Dorset during the summer of 2005.

Alan King's skill combined with his own natural sense of creativity enables him to freely express what is in his mind's eye at the point of creation. This results in some strong, vibrant and vividly surreal images which reminds one of the landscapes of the prominent Surrealist painters, but with a definite contemporary edge to them.

By combining traditional methods and photography with software, Alan King's art is defined by his creation of intoxicating landscape compositions: executed in a style recognized and accepted by the Massurrealist movement.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Joseph Di Sipio, Nicoletta Barolini, Pilar Bamba, George Comninos, Nicholas Caputi, David Tiger and Kevin Barr have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Peter Jones. Photography and printmaking.
2. Stephanie Ziehler. Glassworks from Germany.
3. Barry Orstsky. Photo-realistic painting from Canada.
4. Aldehy. Portraits from France.
5. Robin Hernandez. Anthropomorphic sculpture and painting.
6. Line Brunelle. Pointillist cityscapes from Canada.
7. Mirta Cidra. Visionary fractals from Argentina.
8. Ahmad Elias. Abstract Islamic art from Syria.
9. Esul Walker. Digital abstracts and visual studies.
10. David Howlett. Mural paintings.
11. Dino Mehaffie. Watercolors and bronze sculpture.
12. Margaret Trembla. Imaginative photography.
13. Davis Lisboa. Utopoian expressionism from Spain.
14. Bita Vakili. Abstract landscapes from Iran.
15. Florian Maier Aichen. Visionary cityscape photography.

Pilar Bamba

Pilar Bamba
Pilar Bamba (b. 1951) is the August 2006 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Pilar works with watercolors, collage, oil and acrylic. She possesses an especially delicate observation of the female mind, attitude and form. Her paintings present expressionist gestures and emotive impressionism in a fresh and instantaneous way. Her colors and faces express feminine spirituality, feelings, hurt and beauty. Her figures show feminine solitude, joy and heartache.

Pilar is one of the great painters who is able to share emotion and everything that is woman. Her works have been displayed in galleries for 20 years, in Barcelona, throughout Spain and Europe and Mexico.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Donna Sakamoto Crispin, Adelle Jean, Kevin Barr, Miran Kres, Massimo Ridolfi, Nicholas Caputi, Karyelle Starnes, Kumiko McKee, Joseph DiSipio, Jay Anthony, Larz Eldbage and Alexandra John Petrie have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Alexander Selivanov. Realistic oil cityscapes from England.
2. Giuseppe Liotta. Still life, landscapes and nature from Sicily.
3. Sandy Clifton. Landscapes and nature.
4. Christine Cook. Seascapes and abstracts from England.
5. Cindy Lee Jones. Watercolor florals.
6. Arthur Brahinskiy. Fantasy oils.
7. Francesca Dotta. Photography from Italy.
8. Loyde Mcillwain. Impressionistic landscapes.
9. Van Renselar. Digital abstracts from the U.K.
10. Izabella Pavlushko. Abstract geometric shapes from Azerbaijan.
11. Kristine Medestomas. Geometric shapes and symbolism from the Philippines.
12. Vladimir Levestam. Natural wooden jewelry from the Ukraine.
13. Danielle Hartman. Human symbolism with the feminine spirit.
14. Aminta Henrich. Ethnic abstracts from Alemania.
15. Martin Bradley. 60s Psychedelia from Malaysia.
16. Alejandro Cabeza. Realistic oils from Spain.
17. David S. Martin. Portrait photography.
18. Leone Ardo. Humorous parodies of classical works.
19. Manisha Gulyani. Performance dancing from India.
20. Santiago Paulos. Realistic oils from Spain.

News from the Artists
Robert Mileham: Robert Mileham's "Speck", The English Springer Spaniel sculpture has won the award "Highly Commended" at the AFAS Exhibition in the Mall Galleries London England, 4th July 2006. This follows his prestigious award for "Ice Breaker" which won the peoples prize at the William Herschel "Heavenly Bodies" sculpture competition. Robert is best known for his female figures and spaniels. Much of his work is in private collections in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Belgium, Switzerland and of course in The British Isles.

Larz Eldbage

Larz Eldbage (b. 1938)
Larz Eldbage is the July 2006 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Larz Eldbage was born in Uppsala, Sweden under the name of Lars Wahlberg. In 1997 he adopted his artistic name Larz Eldbage. He has worked professionally as a designer, art teacher and art director and was the owner of several design companies.

Since 1993 he has worked as a professional artist. Several separate exhibitions and a lot of collection-exhibitions have been arranged in Sweden, France, Italy, Spain and USA. He was represented in Stockholm Art Fair, 1998, 1999, 2000 and Euro Art, Barcelona 1999 and Europe Art, Geneva 2000.

He has been awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Medailles in France and Italy, the trophy La dea Alata in Firenze 2003, Solidarite Culturelle Francaise, Medaille Vermeil 2004, and Solidarite Culturelle Francaise, Grande Medaille D´or 2006. He was nominated Professor of art in Accademia Greci-Marino, Italy 2003, and is associated with Int. Accademia Greci-Marino del Verbano and Accademia Centro-Storico, Firenze and Accademia Int. Santarita, Torino and FNCF-European Art Group, France.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Matthew Bates, Nicholas Caputi, Karyelle Starnes, Adelle Jean, Jay Anthony, Joseph DiSipio, Finn Stamp, Alexandra John Petrie and Kevin Barr have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Vladislav Terekhov. Realistic watercolor portraits from Russia.
2. Richard Beaulieu. Abstract geometric sculpture.
3. Magdalene Theocharis. Mosaics from Greece.
4. José Luis Barcia Fernández. Digital portraits from Spain.
5. Seth Collett. Surreal visions from South Africa.
6. Dan Beard. Abstracts from Finland.
7. Roberto Urbina Gajardo. Mosaics from Chile.
8. John Fanning. Pop and abstract art.
9. Tal Waldman. Expressionistic portraits and interiors from France.
10. Eimear Brennan. Drawing and photography from Ireland.
11. Claudia Almansa. Weaving and textile design from Canada.
12. Dov Lederberg. Performance and airbrush art from Israel.
13. John Canning. Hyper-real watercolors.
14. Carl Andrews. Ceramic sculpture from the UK.
15. Hadass Zither. Computer art.
16. Bastian Schreck. Realistic drawing from Germany.
17. David Quinn. Realistic oil landscapes from Ireland.
18. Lana Wolf-Zangeres. Vocal Artist from the Netherlands.
19. Thomas Doyle. Impressionistic landscapes and nature.
20. Révész Éva Gabriella. Abstract still life from Hungary.

Finn Stamp

Finn Stamp (b. 1980)
Finn Stamp is the June 2006 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Finn was born in Scotland and began painting at an early age. After gaining a B-Tech National Diploma in music technology, he spent time in Thailand, gaining inspiration and insight that furthered his artistic interpretations. Finn's passion for Pop Art is inspired by such postmodernists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He has painted cult icons in a contemporary yet personal style and numerous fine art interpretations of personal photos.

His works have been exhibited in numerous places such as the London Art Fair and The Green Room Manchester, and written about in the magazines City Life and The Big Issue. He now runs his own art company, NuVision, which produces a range of Pop Art, landscape and commissioned paintings.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Adelle Jean, Kevin Barr, Nicholas Caputi, Joseph DiSipio, Kimberley Walton, Massimo Ridolfi, Zoran Poposki, Jay Anthony, Maggie Connell and Bruce Price have added new work to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Rohit Chowdhary. Meditative photography from India.
2. Helio Rubiales. Sculpture from Brazil.
3. Judy Hall-Grieve. Paper-Mache and oil cityscapes from Australia.
4. Terry LeBlanc. Realistic cityscapes from Sweden.
5. Jeffrey Leclair. Painter and composer with an original clothing line.
6. Felipe Oduardo. Bronze sculpture from Puerto Rico.
7. Miran Mahmoud. Expressionistic oils from Egypt.
8. Bernd Wachtmeister. Digital characters from Germany.
9. Stanislav Hatala. Digital art, photography and fractals from Slovakia.
10. Katherine Pankhurst. Landscape photography from Australia.
11. Glenn Zlanabitnig. Realistic and surrealistic landscapes.
12. Shelley O'Bar. Stained glass mosaics.
13. Annette Kearney. Majolica tiles, tile mosaics and tile murals.
14. Aladin Van-Dunem. Drawings from Portugal.
15. Izak De Villiers. Surrealistic landscapes from South Africa.
16. Scott Menaul. Crystal geometric refacting objects in virtual space.
17. Wolfgang Oehry. Realistic oil portraits.
18. Michael Preston. Impressionistic oils and pastels.
19. Bertha Venter. Realistic natural world oils.
20. Stephen Stewart. Surrealistic drawings.
21. Mark Graham. Impressionistic portraits from England.
22. Danja Mataruga Milutinovic. Oil portraits from Yugoslavia.
23. Ryan Broughman. Depictions of the world through the use of bank notes.
24. Adriana Villagra. Realist landscapes from Paraguay.
25. Carlos Ramirez. Mystical animals from Belgium.
26. VJ Gregory Plouy. Daily abstractions from France.
27. Dalia Rubin. Metallic tint abstracts from Israel.
28. Jerome Deppe. Neo-folk photography,
29. Larz Eldb?ge. Abstracts from Sweden.

Zoran Poposki

Zoran Poposki (b.1974)
Zoran Poposki (b.1974) is the May 2006 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Zoran is an accomplished abstract expressionist painter and graphic artist from Macedonia. His work has been featured in national TV programs, newspapers and magazines.

Zoran takes a passionate approach to painting. His expressive strokes have been compared to a squid squirting ink all around, defending itself. His paintings are a form of refined lyricism, more emotional than intellectual.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Bob Melnyk, Kevin Barr, Nicholas Caputi, Adelle Jean, Decio Ferreira and Karyelle Starnes have added new work to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last two months. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Arno Schaetzle. Digital photoart, photography and comics.
2. Mercedes Fariña. Realistic oils from Argentina.
3. David Wood. Nature photography from Canada.
4. Bob Melnyk. Sculpture, non-objective geometric shapes.
5. Laurent Bruere. Landscape drawings.
6. Marius Pierre Cousin. Watercolors from France.
7. Finn Stamp. Contemporary Pop Art from the UK.
8. Richard Peter David. Cartoon illustration from the Philippines.
9. Michelle Agius. Digital art from Australia.
10. Zoran Poposki. Digital art from Macedonia.
11. Marlies Merk Najaka. Landscape watercolors.
12. Carrie Fell. Icons of the Old West with a thoroughly modern twist.
13. Danny Munn. Animals performing human activities.
14. Koichi Kamidozono. Stylized figures from Japan.
15. Andrew Ek. Solitary female figures in a magic realism.
16. D. C. Herrera. Abstracts from Spain.
17. Exploitme. Political propaganda.
18. Lucjan Kowalewski. Environmental abstracts from Poland.
19. Tony Fling. Visionary landscapes.
20. Greg Manata. Non-representational digital fantasy.
21. Joanna Jesse. Snapshots of daily life from Germany.
22. Rob Lorenson. Sculpture. Geometric shapes.
23. Jonathan Polkest. Drawings of cultural significance from the UK.
24. Jean-Pierre Etienne. Surrealistic landscapes from France.
25. Juan Franco. Documentary photography.
26. Nesrin Elmarakbi. Abstract gouache on paper from Japan.
27. Ismo Jokiaho. Spiritual mental images from Finland.
28. F.M. Kearney. Fantasy photography.
29. Rafael Gallardo. Fantasy portraits.
30. Robot Cossey. Wooden Sculpture from England.
31. Jo Holland. Cameraless photography from the UK.
32. Gerardo Macias-Garcia. Iconographic abstracts.
33. Michael Dettmer. Expressionistic digital art from Cyprus.
34. Jimmy Sainville. Abstract landscapes.
35. Jason Faessel. Non-objective imagery.
36. Nadya Hussain. Drawing from Pakistan.
37. Milt Jordan. Realistic animal sculpture.

News from the Artists
Brian Simons has written a book, 7-STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL PAINTING, an Acrylic Painting Course.

Antar Vartan

Antar Vartan (b. 1966)
Antar Vartan is the March 2006 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Antar was born as Jitendra in Gujarat, India. In art college he excelled in lithography and drawing. Being a rebel by nature, he experimented with different techniques. He painted on large canvases. He burnt plywood. Once a whole lot of his paintings got burnt in this process.

He took Osho’s Sanyas and moved to Osho’s Pune Commune. His Sanyas name was Swami Antar Vartan. His friends call him Vartan. For over a year Vartan worked at the paintings in the Ashram. A number of exhibitions took place around this time at the Commune. Later he moved to “Mystic Village” in the nearby mountains. Here he lived close to Mother Nature. He hardly spoke around this time. Three years latter he returned to a normal life. He came out spiritually strong and vibrant.

Vartan dives into his painting, flows with it, lives with it; this has been his approach towards his painting. Vartan’s bold abstraction and free brush strokes epitomize spontaneity in a grand scale. He is a master of composition: his paintings emanate a wild energy from what at first appears to be a free, unconstrained and even chaotic form, but a closer inspection reveals a structured dynamic of tranquility and turbulence. His paintings are frequently anchored by a simple yet elegant geometric shape or a region of serene, radiant negative space. Around the anchors there is unceasing motion.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Joseph DiSipio, Matthew Bates, Eileen Kasprick, Nick Biagini, Kevin Barr, Karyelle Starnes, Jay Anthony, Kerry L. Marsala, Decio Ferreira and Adelle Jean have added new work to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Kamarudeen Habib. Characters from Ghana.
2. Jenny Fraser. Iconic and everyday symbols of Australian life.
3. Julia Brooks. Bright impressionistic landscapes from the UK.
4. Vassilis Makris. Architectural photography from Greece.
5. Andrea Newell. Landscapes and literature.
6. Joyce Newkirk. Performance art.
7. June Newkirk. Performance art.
8. Santos Diez. Oil portraits from Spain.
9. Timothy Clark. Interactive installations.
10. David Cochran. Digital art.
11. Joachim Schmid. Photography from Germany.
12. Peter Reddy. Landscapes from Australia.
13. Chanin. Mystical B&W Hollywood celebrity portraits.
14. Blair Thomson. Coastal and Japanese temple structures.
15. Andrew Celso. Exciting funky art.
16. Shem Booth-Spain. Hypermedia Synesthesia.
17. Fredy Romero. Spiritual landscapes from Argentina.
18. Sandra Maarhuis. Realistic portraits from the Netherlands.
19. Jitendra Gosai. Elephant art from India.
20. Martin Velez. Watercolor murals.
21. Lauren Stole. Digital art.
22. Andrew Stevenson. Landscapes from the UK.
23. Alexandre Chlenski. Ordered chaos fractals.
24. Kaija Aittamaa. Realistic pencil portraits.
25. Sergio Gaspar. Photo-realistic animals from Argentina.
26. Afrika Abney. Abstract expressionism.
27. Humarea SLG. Fantasy naif.
28. Ognev Vlaminck. Megalomaniac minimalism from Belgium.
29. Dana Marie. Impressionistic landscapes.

News from the Artists
R.W. Firestone has a Solo Exhibition at OMMA Center of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara February 28 – March 26, 2006 Opening Reception Saturday March 4, 5 – 9 pm. “Transformations” is both the title of this show and a key element in the work and life of prominent Santa Barbara digital painter R.W. Firestone. The works on exhibit reflect the transformation of his life from student and artist, to psychotherapist, to renowned psychological theorist and author and to artist once again.

Lou PhinneyStoltz

Lou PhinneyStoltz
Lou PhinneyStoltz is the February 2006 Artist of the Month. Lou has been creating digital paintings and printing them on canvas and glossy papers for about seven years. Lou is an interior designer with an intrinsic understanding of color. He creates his works from photographs, using a computer to specify colors. Through imagination, and a heaping dose of abstract expressionistic wizardry his work is amazing and cutting edge. Lou lives and exhibits his work in Florida.

New Artwork in the Galleries Alexandra John Petrie, Kevin Barr, Massimo Ridolfi, Adam McDaniel, Nicholas Caputi, Nick Biagini, Kimberley Walton, Maggie Connell, Julie Deane, Adelle Jean and Karyelle Starnes have added new work to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Auguste S. Light and color photography from Lithuania.
2. Mens Rea. Surrealistic computer art from Greece.
3. Domen Lombergar. Expressionistic, hyperrealism from Slovenia.
4. David Whitfield. Expressionistic oil portraits from England.
5. Claire Morgan. Visionary photography from South Africa.
6. Eva Gyorffy. Expressionistic digital art from the Netherlands.
7. Kc West. Fantasy digital art from the Netherlands.
8. Brita Seifert. Symbolic portraits from Germany.
9. Zé Cordeiro. Realistic figurative oils from Portugal.
10. Bill Garibyan. Landscapes with intense colors.
11. Adrian Littel. Motion and interior photography.
12. Thomas Olsen. Surrealistic landscapes from Norway.
13. Aleksandar Klar. MAYA and 3DMax modeling and design from Serbia and Montenegro.
14. Shelley Jones. Landscapes and nature.
15. Jean-Jacques Kuntz. Spiritual interiors.
16. Antonino Turano. Expressionistic portraits from Italy.
17. Andy Robbins. Watercolor, acrylic, gouache; Fantasy, sinister, cute.

News from the Artists
R.W. Firestone has a Solo Exhibition at OMMA Center of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara February 28 – March 26, 2006 Opening Reception Saturday March 4, 5 – 9 pm “Transformations” is both the title of this show and a key element in the work and life of prominent Santa Barbara digital painter R.W. Firestone. The works on exhibit reflect the transformation of his life from student and artist, to psychotherapist, to renowned psychological theorist and author and to artist once again.

Karyelle Starnes

Karyelle Starnes
Karyelle Starnes (b. 1987) is the January 2006 Digital Color Artist of the month. She was born in Houston and now lives in Northern Georgia. Art is her first love. She began creative projects at the age of 8. In 2002 she became more prolific and gained recognition as a gifted artist.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Decio Ferreira, Kevin Barr, Nick Biagini, Adelle Jean, Nicholas Caputi, Massimo Ridolfi, Barbara Rose Guada, Rooma Mehra, Matthew Bates, Miran Kres, George Comninos, Donna Sakamoto Crispin and Maggie Connell have added new work to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Elaine Berger. Landscapes and nature from Canada.
2. Sappy Sapkin. Sexy loaded images from popular culture.
3. Bob Cauley. Abstracts.
4. Mike Banner. Realistic pen and ink drawings.
5. Denis Taylor. Oils from Sweden.
6. Reno Moreno. Spiritual portraits.
7. Alex Omar Garcia. Realistic egg tempera portraits.
8. Roger Cummiskey. Portraits from Ireland.
9. Lilian Lorenzsonn. Stained glass design.
10. Michael J. Martin. Realistic portraits from Canada.
11. Juan Miano. Visionary still life from Italy.
12. Elisabeth Angelina C.E. Dellner. People, portraits and characters from Norway.
13. Charles Griffith. Realistic oil portraits.
14. Jeremy Ancog. Digital art from the Philippines.
15. Christian Maki. Abstract digital art from Canada.
16. Steen Pedersen. Realistic drawing of the human figure.
17. Sarah Chapman. Photography from the U.K.
18. Collin Jones. Colored pencil, charcoal and marker drawings.
19. Yanco Art. Technical new art in the third millennium.

News from the Artists R.W. Firestone has a Solo Exhibition at OMMA Center of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara February 28 – March 26, 2006 Opening Reception Saturday March 4, 5 – 9 pm “Transformations” is both the title of this show and a key element in the work and life of prominent Santa Barbara digital painter R.W. Firestone. The works on exhibit reflect the transformation of his life from student and artist, to psychotherapist, to renowned psychological theorist and author and to artist once again.

Miran Kres

Miran Kres (b. 1973)
Miran Kres is the December 2005 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Miran Kreš studied Educational Fine Art at the University of Ljubljana. He explores themes of the mind, body, and spirit with a focus on social codes and space. With a postmodernistic cultural identity and existential personal experience in New York, Amsterdam and North Africa his work explores mortality and alchemy with wit, verve, originality and force.

Analytical Psychology and Hermetic Philosophy is manifested in his most recent paintings and drawings. Notions of chance and automatism are given full expression in Miran’s abstract paintings and automatic gestured drawings, in which line no longer serves to describe shape or enclose form, but exists as an autonomous event, charting the movements of the colour (paintings) or pencil (drawings).

New Artwork in the Galleries
Girish Kumar, George Comninos, Donna Sakamoto Crispin, Donna C. Willis, Adam McDaniel, Rhonda Gutierrez, Massimo Ridolfi, Maggie Connell, Kevin Barr, Kerry L. Marsala, Jay Anthony, Glen Savoy, Gilbert Abric, and David D. Tiger have added new work to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to

1. Lionel Kotlowski. Visionary Outsiderart.
2. Chelin Sanjuan. Magic Realism from Spain.
3. Joe Dimino. Expressionistic textures and colors.
4. Denise Kaarle. Colored pencil illustrations.
5. Michael Burton. Realistic drawings.
6. Maggie Connell. Watercolor symbols and characters from Australia.
7. Asim Butt. Subversive graffiti artist.
8. Decio Ferreira. Xilographs from Brazil.
9. Rajeevan Thiruchelvam. Photography from the U.K.
10. Jon Sorrells. Beaded jewelry.
11. Mohamadreza SaeidiZand. Photography from Iran.
12. Géphil. Mystical drawings.
13. Scott Pynn. Moods and feelings from Canada.
14. Noel Billy. Assembly photographs from India.
15. Matthew Sibley. Expressionistic portraits from the U.K.
16. Chase Steele Greye. Woodcrafting.
17. Thomas Holmes. Backlit collage from Chile.
18. Ramon Castellano de Torres. Expressionism from Spain.
19. Steve Dent. The American West.
20. Katherine McLean. Copper calligraphy from Canada.
21. Erasmo Amato. Symbolic computer art from Germany.
22. Studios Stephano. CNN courtroom sketch artist.

News from the Artists
Robert Mileham has submitted three works for The Nicholas Wylde “Heavenly Bodies” Competition at the William Herschel Museum in Bath. They will be on exhibition until the 14th of December 2005.

R.W. Firestone has a Solo Exhibition at OMMA Center of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara February 28 – March 26, 2006 Opening Reception Saturday March 4, 5 – 9 pm “Transformations” is both the title of this show and a key element in the work and life of prominent Santa Barbara digital painter R.W. Firestone. The works on exhibit reflect the transformation of his life from student and artist, to psychotherapist, to renowned psychological theorist and author and to artist once again.