Monday, October 26, 2009

Dan Civa

The November 2009 Digital Color Artist of the Month is Dan Civa. Dan was born in Denmark in 1939. He paints animals, people and nature in warm colors. Long stays in the Far East and kin in Sri Lanka influence his works. Glowing pictures with motifs from Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Denmark depict experiences of colorful people in everyday life.

Dan is known as the painter of 'HumanAnimals', transgenetic motifs in paintings and drawings that symbolize the combination of human beings and animals. His ideas and inspiration for the HumanAnimals comes from a deep interest in science and research.

New Contemporary Artists and Galleries
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Lynette Charlie Despanza. Soulful portraits.
2. April Kiessling. The flux and interaction between what is seen and unseen.
3. Jeanne-Marie Meyer. Map and photography collage.
4. Studio Raziel. Occult imagery.
5. Tibor Juhasz. Colored articulation of the purity and glow of passion.
6. Karen McNab. Still Life and florals from Canada.

Kevin Barr, Judy Puckett and Calico have added new artwork to their galleries.

Pasadena Art Night
Open for Pasadena Art Night and continuing through January was the Pasadena Museum of California Art survey of more than one hundred twenty works drawn from the oeuvre of the celebrated painter Wayne Thiebaud. With his penchant for dazzling sunlight and high-keyed color and a gift for painterly, sensuous handling of oils and other media, Thiebaud's paintings link high art with popular culture while conveying a sunny optimism that is quintessentially Californian. Also at Pasadena Art Night along with exhibits at many other institutions and museums was Mantong and Protong at Pasadena City College. There, material never before exhibited illuminated two of the twentieth century's most unusual theories of human origins and the artists who originated them, Richard Shaver and Stanislav Szukalski .

Long Beach SoundWalk
Many art projects were on display at the 2009 Long Beach Soundwalk. Sound of Silence consisted of a guy sweeping the sidewalk with a broom. He was tethered to electronic devices and several sets of headphones worn by Soundwalk goers. When the sweeper moved, the broom sensors created eerie sounds which played through the headphones. As he swept, the people attached to him by headphone cords moved along with him.

Another one consisted of upright hollow cylinders. Each cylinder held styrofoam pieces with strings stretched over them. At the base of each assembly was a little motor which was activated by the viewers. The motor played the strings, and the sounds could be heard when one put an ear near the styrofoam. The simplest piece was water-filled plastic containers, each with a hole in the bottom, hanging over metal cans and inverted bowls. Other than a few traditional musical instruments, this was the only non-electrical piece. An art calendar listing Southern California Art Walks, Open Studio Tours, & Art Festivals can be found at: