Friday, October 24, 2008

Moses Masoko

Moses Masoko
Moses Masoko is the November 2008 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Moses was born in South Africa in 1979. Inspired by Picasso, Ben Macala and Gerald Sekoto, he started drawing and painting at an early age. In 2000 he studied fabric painting, sculpting and screen printing, in 2001-2004 printmaking and in 2005 graphic design and flexography printing. 

Currently Moses paints geometric shapes in water color. He also works as a curator at Gerald A Lee gallery. 

New Contemporary Artists and Galleries
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

  1. Laviniu M. Draghici. Glass paintings from Denmark.
  2. Fejzi Ali Beqiri. The invisible side of the universe from Italy.
  3. Tomaselli Emilio. Interior design and architecture.
  4. Charles Andraos. Mystical oils from Lebanon.
  5. Stephen Shooster. Music inspired cubistic watercolors.
  6. Andre Pourtales. Impressionistic oils from France.
  7. Osvaldo Cibils. Digital art and drawing from Italy.
  8. Darla Farner. Watercolor in motion.
  9. Gillie and Marc Schattner. Husband and wife collectively on the same pieces.
  10. John Mark. Landscapes and nature.
  11. Danila Altmark. Personalized artworks.
  12. Radomir Djukanovic. Abstract geometry from Serbia.
  13. Calico. Photographs from SoCalDeCom.

Joseph DiSipio, Kevin Barr and Calico have added new artwork to their galleries. 

Ventura Art Walk
The fall Ventura art walk included gifted artists at the Stoneworks. Also of note was the installation called "Tubular Zen" with five black pillars which emit light and sound when buttons on them are pressed. An art calendar listing Southern California Art Walks, Open Studio Tours, & Art Festivals can be found at: 

Pirates shot Cabbage Patch dolls and footballs from an air cannon over the Dawnship. The Dawnship was a big Bedouin tent flying Jolly Rogers. The event took everyday items and changed their identity. It brought about new perceptions causing people to question how to see, to re-examine and to re-invent. 

On the hill was Hatfield's illuminated Flying Saucer. From its control panel one could program the lighting pattern. The saucer as a symbol of aliens landing on earth could not be suppressed. Yet, beliefs and circumstances about them could be changed. 

The Living Room by Taz and Cooper was both an art piece and a chill space. Was it a living room or not? On one hand it had the feel of a living room, because there were two doors, a window, a framed 2D piece of art and miscellaneous furniture. On the other hand there were NO WALLS! Probably was a living room because the couch and chair were really comfortable. 

Emerald Portals in San Francisco
From Oct. 31 to Nov. 2. the Emerald Portals art installation by Harlan Emil Gruber will be on public display free of charge in conjunction with the 2012 Conference. The precise location is the Fort Mason Center at the intersection of Marina Boulevard and Buchanan Street in the Marina district. There is no street address. 800-984-0897 They incorporate geometry, sound and color to provide an interactive environment. The intention is to provide a portal to the vibrational dimension of the Earth and the participant's energy bodies. Once a vibrational alignment is achieved between personal, planetary and galactic, a harmonious shift of dimensions can take place.