Monday, February 1, 2010

Nese Ikbal Sen

The February 2010 Digital Color Artist of the Month is Nese Ikbal Sen (b. 1956)
Nese was born in Manisa, Turkey. He holds postgraduate degrees in business and has worked as a teacher and a health manager. He also has had formal training in art history. He paints realistic oil portraits, usually working long hours in his studio. He has exhibited at several group and one-man shows.

New Contemporary Artists and Galleries
The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to

1. Jerome Maggiore. Expressionistic paintings that engage intellectual senses.
2. Michael Sturdy. Abstract-expressionist painter and author.
3. Jerome Poitevin. Giclee, fine art inkjet and digital chromogenic prints.
4. Kalliope Amorphous. Conceptual self-portrait photographs.
5. Cyril Vandenbeusch. Eating time and food and photography.
6. Elin Bogomolnik. Palette knife oil paintings from Israel.
7. Amelia Miholca. Oil abstracts of color and light
8. Elizabeth Lynn Moon. Mystical jewelry.
9. Megan Coyle. Fine collage from portraiture to landscapes.

Gilbert Abric, Kevin Barr and Lisa Putman have added new artwork to their galleries.

Southern California Art Events
At the January San Pedro artwalk, one gallery featured bold, colorful paintings by Muriel Olguin. It was dramatically lit by projector lights focused on each artwork. Another gallery's exhibit consisted of side-by-side photos. One photo of each pair was of a famous work of art, and the other was a local San Pedro resident recreating the pose as closely as possible.

"Let There Be Light", a project of Phantom Galleries L.A., showed that the bad economy is good for the arts in one respect: temporary "phantom galleries" pop up all over the place in vacant properties. This time, the phantom galleries all consisted of light-themed installations meant to be viewed from the sidewalk through the windows of vacant storefronts. There were 25 locations, each of which contained the work of one to seven artists. This was a very cool experience. There were lots of multicolored neon lights, some kinetic sculptures, some video displays, and just about any medium you can imagine interacting with just about any form of light.

Ongoing is a very good Mercedes Matter exhibit at Pepperdine University's art museum. She's one of those artists whom nobody's heard of, but they should have.

In February 2010 please visit these art walks and gallery nights

* Feb 4, 2010 Santa Barbara Art Walk
* Feb 4, 2010 Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk
* Feb 4, 2010 1st Thursday Downtown San Pedro
* Feb 4, 2010 El Paseo Artwalk (Palm Desert)
* Feb 4, 2010 Riverside Arts Walk
* Feb 5, 2010 First Fridays Ventura
* Feb 5, 2010 Claremont Village Art Walk
* Feb 5, 2010 First Fridays Long Beach
* Feb 6, 2010 Santa Ana Artwalk
* Feb 11, 2010 Downtown Los Angeles Artwalk
* Feb 13, 2010 Pomona 2nd Saturday Art Walk
* Feb 13, 2010 NELAart - Northeast L.A. Gallery Night
* Feb 13, 2010 Long Beach Art Walk
* Feb 20, 2010 Santiago Art District Art Walk (Santa Ana)
* Feb 26-28, 2010 Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts
* Feb 27, 2010 Pomona Last Saturday Art Walk

For details, follow the links at:

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